when's the right time to look at

looking at buying clothe clothes? i've stuck with baby grows and vests as i know they live in them but at the same time i'm a lil worried that thats all i'm focused on image

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  • i didn't find out the sex of my baby so stuck to buying neutral clothes but didn't really buy much until after 20 week scan. once baby arrived i was brought loads of clothes so i would recommend not buying too much. it is up to you when you start buying things as everyone is different. you are right about living in babygrows, my lo goes through loads!
  • My mum also told me to stop buying.She said o wait a while cause friends will buy loads.so dont spoil it for them.all i have so far only cause of deals on the internet are,pushchair (10.00),cot (5.00) and boots for (10.00).All off ebay.
  • i have bought a boy bundle and a girl bundle from ebay then i can sell the one i dont need, this way it means we have a selection of different items, also remember that people will buy you loads of things at the birth!!my little girl did where 'proper' clothes from the start and wore baby grows at bed time as the outfits are so cute, but its just down to personal choice.i am 15 weeks now and we started buying things practically as soon as we found out i was preg!!
  • lol my mom said the same tashy but i also know it wiill be sex oriantated which kinda sucks as we'd like unisex clothes neither of us are pink fans but both like blue lol don't care about what i have but would like yellows greens and stuff like that everything it tooo girls are girls boys are boys lol we're decorating cot, and room in pale browns, creams and yellows image got some absolutely minted items for cot for a fiver and the brown pooh bear bumper for 3 quid BARGAIN lol
  • I also hate that everyone buys pink for girls and blue for boys
    there is just so much more to pink and blue.i love yellow orange and green.white is cute too.......... we are living in a very small place at the moment and no nursery yet.we will move after the birth...URG!!!!!!!!!
  • As the other girls say I wouldn't buy too many clothes yet as you're bound to get them as gifts, everyone does! You can get a free book from Boots (I think it's called Baby & You) all about pregnancy, labour and a new baby, and it's got some good lists of what to buy, and advice on how to dress your baby depending whether they're born in winter or summer...

    You can buy sets of new baby clothes off ebay and stuff which I think is a good idea as there not in them long. But I'm sure by the time your baby's born you'll have loads of clothes adding up.

    I haven't bought anything yet, I might buy some clothes after 20 week scan...and I think I'll buy the pushchair, moses basket etc at about 30 weeks just in case he/she comes early!

    I'm finding out the sex so I will be buying some pink or blue clothes, lol, but if I have a girl rest assured she won't look like barbie! hehe!
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