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anyone used Tens machine? ( ment to put this in baby lol )

hiyaa ladies hope you are all ok,

im due again! in feb and was woundering if anyone used a tens machine? and what you thought of them? and how you used them i.e start of contractions or when the started getting really bad,

i had a epidural with my other 2, but was hoping for just gas and air with this one, as it will of only been a year since my last labour, so im hoping it will be fast,. hahah who am i kidding lol xx :lol:

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  • Hi hun, i used a tens while having my dd and i thought it was great!
    It doesn't actually stop any of the pain (it didnt for me anyway) but it did give me something to concentrate on, as you have to press the boost button with each contraction.
    I used mine from when my pains were about 5 mins apart, til i had her and managed with just gas and air.
    Oh and there was only 22 months between my 2 and i went from a 48 hour labour, to a 1 hour labour. So fingers crossed for you!! I'm expecting number 3 now and there will only be 18 months between these 2 so i'm hoping for another short one too x x
  • For me, the jury's out! I used mine when the contractions first started to be difficult to talk through, around 3cm. I whacked it up a little bit after each contraction and gave it a boost during each one. I agree that it was a welcome distraction.

    I'm not sure how much it actually did to help the pain - when the contractions really kicked in at about 5cm I'd be inclined to say it was useless. But then the effects of a TENS aren't noticeable straightaway in the way eg. an epidural is, so had I taken it off perhaps I would have noticed its absence, if you see what I mean.

    As things turned out I had to be put on a drip and had an epidural, though I had really wanted to use just TENS & g&a. My baby was b-to-b though and after about 5cm there was no let-up in the contractions, it was just continuous pain, so perhaps if this hadn't been the case I'd have coped ok with just the TENS and g&a.

    I will have another go with it next time as I'd still really like to try for no epidural. Even if the same thing happens, I'd like to have a go.
  • I used Tens when I had my daughter 14 months ago- I only used that and gas and air until my daughter was born - after that I had a spinal block in theatre as placenta was removed manually. For me it worked wonders and will definately be using it again for number 2. Your probably know this already but the secret is to put it on right from the first mild contractions and don't take it off until the end- otherwise your body won't respond. xxx
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