getting dead legs and arms during the night!

I have trouble sleeping, I am getting 3-4 hrs tops most nights now and its just silly. I am shattered! I just can't sleep.

But my new delight is the fact that my pregnancy pillow I bought to shove between my legs to aid my sleep actually gives me dead legs after an hour or so. I wake up in pain and have to move about. This isnt what I thought would happen.

So now I just use a normal pillow which isnt the same.

Is it usual for the leg to be heavy and press on the other leg during the night?? Will all pregnancy pillows do this?


  • I keep waking with dead legs, pins and needles in my legs or cramp in my legs. Its driving me mad - I don't think mine has anything to do with the pillow though? My legs start getting a bit 'restless' when I'm sitting quietly, watching TV or whatever, then its much worse in the night. Even sitting here now (at work - naughty!) my legs feel weird and a bit jelly like! I thought it had something to do with bubs sitting on nerves! I think I'll walk to the shop now to post my mate's 'Congrats its a boy!' card (even though she knew), and buy some buscuits under the pretense of curing my restless legs!

    I have my pregnancy H&S assessment this afternoon so I reckon I can play on all kinds of symptoms now!
  • HI sweety, yep me too, I feel your pain! I am lucky if I get 3-4 hours sleep a night and am shattered, I sleep really lightly, you know when your eyes are shut and your conscious, up all night needing the loo and tummy feels heavy and uncomfortable and baby moving around loads.. I get dead legs becasue I have developed sciatica, the physio gave me some excercises, getting up and getting circulation moving or moving hips and doing leg raises helps me, my arms go numb just becasue I end up sleeping on them.. I can't seem to get comfy either with a pillow between my legs, maybe read or have a warm bath before bed, I don't have drinks before bed becasue I need to pee more! X
  • I keep getting dead legs which goes right up to my hips, I think its where I try not to sleep on my back so spend long stretches sleeping in one position on my side. It's miserable, I can't get on with pillows though they're just too bulky to be comfortable for me.
  • My bed is full of pillows, I feel like the princess and the pea!
  • Yep, me too. I'm like plumduff - I think mine is caused from sleeping on my side. Every night I start off on my left, then a couple of hours in my left leg is agony so I heave myself onto my right side, then about an hour later that leg is agony as well, so I end up on my back anyway, which worries me no end so I try not to fall asleep, just wait for the pain to end, but then I fall asleep cos its actually quite comfy, then when I wake up again I'm worrying that I've done damage to Button. I'm such a worrier!!

    I don't know how to stop it - I can't get on with pillows either cos they make it worse - I've just resigned myself to not getting enough sleep ever again.
  • I'm not alone image I thought I was going a bit mental.

    I too have sciatica and its causing me jip at night. My yoga helps but I cant do it in the middle of the night!

    Baby waking up doesnt help as her nightime movements make me feel motion sick image
    I too moonandstars have resigned myself to no sleep for 18 years. Bummer!!

  • I get terrible cramp in my hips...but hey, I need to pee at least three times a night, so at least that stretches the muscle back out!! Have always slept flat out on my front but can't do that because bump is too big...can't sleep on my back as it feels like baby is 'falling' into me and after about 10mins it just plain hurts. I too have a pregnancy pillow and do the whole heaving myself from my left side to my right side, but whatever side I lay I'm in discomfort after a while from the weight of the baby or it's kicking, so am awake loads!!

    Oh'll all be worth it though and it's not forever image xx
  • I get this too!
  • Hi

    You can sleep on your back as long as you are not flat.

    If you prop yourself up at an angle on a pillow it is ok. My midwife told me this.

    I think it is all part and parcel of pregnancy sadly.
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