is peanut butter a no no

ive read mixed things about it and i think ive eaten things with peanut traces in and worry what it might do i still have nt felt my baby move im 16 weeks and 5 days, so that worrying me too. hope you all ok xxx


  • hi baby blip-
    you will hear conflicting advice on this. basically you only need to steer clear of peanuts if you or your oh's family have a history of allergies (ie asthma or food allergies etc) i havent stuck to not eating peanuts as there are no allergies in our families. also it has been said that because women are avoiding certain foods it could mean that babies do become allergic because they havent been exposed (to peanuts for example)
    i am sure that a bit of peanut butter occasionally is fine- its not like eating a family pack of dry roasted.
    also other nuts are fine and really good for you!
    dont worry too much about not feeling baby- i only felt my baby move at 18 and a half weeks and this is my second. you're most likely to start to feel some flutters after 20 weeks.
    hope that helps!
  • Hey hun i second everything that naomi said. I too eat the odd peanut here and there (ie in a snickers bar). I don't go over the top but don't want to completely abstain as there is conflicting advice as naomi stated. I think best in moderation!!!!

    As for your baby, i am 21+3 and i am only just feeling little pops in my belly that i presume is the baby kicking (this is my first) and before that i felt a flutter about 3 times at around 19 weeks, so i wouldn't worry as 16-17 weeks is still early. :\)

    Suzi 21+3 xxxx
  • u only need to worry about peanuts if u or ur OH have or had asthma/ ecsma (sp?) / peanut allergies. other than that u shld be fine, altho if ur still not sure then ask ur GP or MW so u can be certain

    also as for the movements or lack of, its not uncommon for some women not to feel any movement til 24 weeks it really does vary tremendously from woman to woman, and again if ur really anxious about this and feel that something is wrong then i'm sure ur mw/gp will be able to put ur mind at ease


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