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thomas birth story (longish)

Me and hubby went to bed at 1am, 1.30am my daughter woke up and hubby was pretending to be asleep lol so I shouted at him called him a lazy so and so, shot out of bed slammed the bedroom door then gush my waters started to come away, I shouted up to him look my bloody waters have broke now, we both started to laugh then panic set in and I thought god this is it lol

Rang hospital at 3am and was told to go in and get checked over, my mam was already on her way over for Millie so soon as she had came we set off for hospital, was only getting niggles but no contractions yet, got looked at by midwife and was told I was 2cm, I could go home and come back in 48 hours if the contractions hadn't started, got home at 5am and went to bed, woke up at 6am with pains coming every 8mins, no to painful so got up and went down stairs but by 6.40am contractions were coming every 4mins and hurting so I woke hubby up and we set off back to hospital, in the car I had to grip the hand rails when I had a contraction as there were hurting more now.

Got to hospital and was looked at again by midwife and was told I was 3cm and I could stay, got took up to high dep and met my midwife who was the nicest person I've ever met, I was so pleased. Contractions were coming every 3mins and hurting so got on the birthing ball and midwife give me a back rub which really helped and I started on the gas and air, I was high as a kite and loving it lol, the contractions were getting really bad by this time so I asked her to see how far I was she checked and I was 10cm!, I had gone from 3cm to 10cm in an hour and a half, I got on the bed and started to push.
After 2 pushes I was told to stop as baby was facing upwards and he had to be face down as the wont deliver looking upwards, as this point I was in agony and asked for an epidural, the doctor came in and was telling me about it, I wasn't listening to a word he said,i had already had one b4 with my daughter so I was just sucking away on the gas n air while he talked lol

Once the epidural had kicked in I was sat up chatting to hubby like a different person, baby had to be monitored with a little lead on his head so make sure he wasn't getting distressed, I had to wait an hour to see if he would turn by himself but he never, so I had to wait an hour and he still wouldn't turn, so the doctor got called in and I was told that I would have to get ready to go down to theatre to turn him, the panic started to set in now, but I just wanted it over and done with, hubby had to get in to scrubs as well so that give us a laugh as he is 6 foot 4 and the trousers were so short on him lol

Got in to theatre and the epidural got topped up so I didn't have to feel much, I had 9 doctors/midwife in the room with me which scared me abit more but least I knew I was in good hands, the doctor started to turn him with her hands which I couldn't really feel just felt strange , he finally turned then it was time to get him out with forceps, so I pushed when told to and finally Thomas was born at 13.21 he got took straight away checked over then handed to daddy while I got stitched up as I had a little tear, but then the after birth was stuck and wouldn't come out even after I had the injection, so the doctor had to pull it out but it was coming away in abits, so I ended up having to lay there another hour while she got it out, then it was off to recovery and I finally got to hold my baby, I feel in love with him straight away even after no sleep for 25 hours lol

we then went up on the ward and my daughter who is 19months came in to see us, I've never been so happy to see anyone so much, I had missed her loads, she didn't seem to interested in Thomas all she wanted was his bottle lol we finally came home the next day , and everything is perfect I couldn't ask for better kids, Thomas is so content and Millie is been a brill big sister , I'm in abit of pain but it's all worth it, labour was only 5 hours and 5mins from when I was 3cm but it felt like I was in labour days lol x


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