Shooting Pains..

is anyone else experiencing shooting pains in their low abdomi..? feel a bit like electric shocks... well.. not that I have ever experienced an electric shock...!! I am 10 weeks...


  • I used to get this too and sometimes still do at 30 weeks.

    This may be down to the ligaments in your abdomen stretching. If you are comcerned at all speak to your GP or midwife.
  • I had them off and on in the early stages - it could well just be your body stretching to make room for your baby.

    My med student friend also told met hat it could be practice contractions - apparently your body starts with them from an early stage even if you don't feel them!
  • I had them very early on and even got them yesterday, we just had 20 week scan and all was perfect so we went our baby shopping, I was walking around all day and carrying shopping (hubby took the heavy stuff) and think I just overdid it. Think our bodys are good at letting us know when to slow down so don't worry too much. xx
  • Yeah I get them, they feel a bit like a stitch! They happen more if I move suddenly. I am really getting bigger now and have a proper bump at last so I think it is the uterus stretching. I'm 15+1. xxx
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