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My friend is going for an early scan at 7 weeks will she need to have a full bladder?

K xx


  • i had an early scan at epau yesterday internal one and was asked to empty my bladder x

  • I think if you have a "normal" scan then youneed a full bladderif it is an internal one, they like your bladder to be empty. probably best to go in with a full bladder and empty it if requested to. Nicki
  • Wicked thank you girls

    k xx
  • OOh I don't know, as it will be transvaginal. That would be horrid, to have a full bladder, while someone pokes at it with a stick! Can you imagine how embarrasing it would be to wet yourself in that situation!?!?!

    Also, they are looking at LO from a different angle so I wouldn't have thought it would be necessary.

    If she isn't sure, it may be best if she goes in with a full bladder - as it will only take her a sec to nip to the loo, if it isn't necessary! (whereas it wil take her longer to fill it up if it is needed - and that could mean she misses the appt!).

    Sorry - that was no help at all, maybe one of the other ladies can shed some light. xx
  • I would say to go with a full bladder, they may try a normal US first and then if they need to do an internal she can empty it first!

    Is this your friend that had IVF hun? Wish her luck!!!!! xxx
  • I would go with a full bladder. I had a normal external scan at 7+4 and they saw 2 heartbeats. I was very glad I didn't need an internal!
    As the others said, she can always empty it if needed
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