Breastfeeding, half and half??

I am so clueless, but i have been planning to myself that i want to breastfeed and bottle feed! Im only 20 weeks and havnt been to see the midwife for talks or ante natal yet, so i dont even know if this is possible. Isit? Lol!


  • Yes it is possible but breastmilk works on supply-demand so feeding ur baby formula as well will mess up ur milk supply and you'll probably have to go completely to bottlefeeding after the first few months. If u dont mind that though it is fine but unlikely u'd be able to keep on breastfeeding for 6 months.
    I'm going to start with bf and see how it goes, if it doesn't work then I will switch to bottles and not feel guilty xxx
  • i've also read that if the mom breast feeds and gives bottle the baby gets confused... if you plan to do both be prepared for baby to reject breast huni
    Bottle is fine if baby isd fed by dad or someone else andbreast by you but again as tiger lilly says its a upply on demand the less demand the less the supply and it won't come back either image
    i'm looking at expressing once i'm established for a min of 6 weeks but till then i refuse to buy a breast pump that may only be used a hand ful of times due to milk drying up
  • Hello, just from my experience my lo found breastfeeding harder work than bottle, so the moment we introduced a bottle (after 3 weeks) he gave up breastfeeding! Lazy monkey! Also, my mw explained that the benefits your baby gets from breastmilk - esp 1st weeks, are based on solely breastfeeding rather than doing a bit of both - so perhaps try fully breastfeeding for a couple of weeks, if you can, so that your lo gets all the immunity.
  • hi,
    i was planning on breastfeeding but expressing into bottles. That way we could take it in turns to feed at night.
    Mws only tend to tell you about breastfeeding, but if you wanted to bottlefeed too just ask them x
  • I bf for the first 4 weeks then started to express so my oh could have a turn in doing the night feeds! Expressing does not stimulate your milk production in the same way as bf and constant expressing does start to dry up your milk. After only 2 weeks or so of expressing and bf my milk really started to decrease so that I had to introduce formula.
    Just to make you aware really cos had I know this, I wouldn't have expressed as much.
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