Spotting at 7+4

Am trying very, very hard not to panic (again!!) and have read all the books etc. so know that a bit of bleeding is very common, especially around the time your period would be due, but I'd really appreciate it if you could share your stories of bleeding during pregnancy. I wiped last night and got pink, and although there's nothing much now I still can't get it out of my head that this might be the beginning of the end. I don't THINK I have cramps, but my general digestion has been bad lately so it's hard to tell as I've been a bit uncomfortable for weeks anyway.

Hubby is being absolutely lovely and is ready to whip me off to the maternity unit if it gets any heavier or carries on for too long. What are your experiences of early scans - will they do one for light bleeding?



  • hi hope all ok. i had bleeding at 6 wks and 8wks, both times quite heavy and very scary, and thought was mc as had mmc last april. but all settled down and now all ok im 25.2wks.

    after the first bleed i went for an early scan and saw heartbeat which was very reasuring. if i was you id def ring epu or midwife and go for scan. but take it easy and rest plenty.

    take care becs x
  • ptb i know how you feel as i had this last week (i know i was only 5 weeks then and not as far as you) and it made me feel so sick with worry and i was scared to look each time i went to the loo (but still kept going to the loo more often to look?!)
    i also know what you mean about not sure if you have cramps or not but i figured if anything was to be bad then the cramps would be very obvious and i would definitely know about it.
    if you get really stressed about it ring nhs. i just kept monitoring it and it did go although i'm still wearing pantyliners so i can analyse anything that comes out of me.
    big hug hun, lots of sticky babydust xxx
  • Hi PTB,

    was it just the once that you saw pink or have you been spotting?

    When I was 7+6 and wiped I had a pink tint too (sorry if tmi) it was just before i went to bed and i had a sleepless night convincing myself i was about to mc.

    But i haven't had anything since, I didn't see anyone about it because I have my midwife appointment this wednesday.

    If your really worried, see someone. Just for your piece of mind. (I realise this post wont prob help you)

    Sarah 9wks today.

  • hi pink tootbrush, I had two episodes of bleeding in early pregnacy (can't remember the dates but they were when my period was due) and had really bad cramps so was convinced i was misscarrying..was a very scary time even though it was hardly any blood it was impossible not to panic and think the worst. I went to the doctors as didn't have a midwife or any clue about an early pregnany unit and got refered for a scan which was a week later. I'm sure it was the longest week of my life but when i saw the flashing heartbeat on the screen i cried and cried. Anyway, i'm now 23 weeks and all is fine...I know me telling you to try not to worry won't help as tons of people said that to me and i still did! Anyway, thinking of you and hope you can get a scan asap to put your mind at ease a bit..take
  • Thank you all - it is reassuring to hear that you've experienced it too and both of you have lived to tell the tale.

    Percypig - it was just the once that I saw pink when wiping. I got up to go to the loo at about midnight and when I wiped I could see from the light of the streetlamp outside that the tissue was dark, so I turned the light on and it was pinky. Have had nothing in pants since and have been upright for about 5 hours now so am hoping that this was a one-off, like yours and mrs_e's.

    It also makes me feel better to hear that some of you have bled heavily and yet everything was ok.

    As far as getting a scan goes - if I have anything else I'll be down at the hospital in a flash. Just going to sit tight for now.
  • i had light brown spotting followed by blood streaked cm at 8 weeks and went to the epu for an early scan, they found a heartbeat and the baby measured correctly for dates. I was only given cervical erosion as a possibility for the bleeding.

    Then at 12 weeks i had blood pouring out of me for 5 mins solid followed by a large clot and then it stopped. I was convinced the clot was the baby so took it with me to the epu. I had an internal examination which showed my cervix to be closed (which is a good sign!) Thankfully the clot was just blood! I had another scan which showed a healthy bubba again measuring correct for dates and no sign of the cause of bleeding on the scan.

    So since then i've had a dating scan at 13 weeks and all was normal, i've seen my midwife a few days ago and she found a heartbeat with a doppler straight away and said that it was more common than you would expect to bleed during early pregnancy.

    I kinda expected to bleed again at 16 weeks (since it was 4 weeks apart last time) but fingers crossed nothing and i'm now 16+5 weeks.

    I would defo get in contact with your epu and at least it will put your mind at rest and you'll get to see your baby early!!!

    Take care hun, rest is always the best thing to stop bleeding.


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  • I had light brown spotting (about enough for a pantliner but not a pad) on/off although it was most days, until 11 weeks when it stopped. I had early scans at 6+5 (saw heartbeat) and 9+1 when the bleeding was heaviest. No-one could explain why it happened & my lo is due in almost a week now!! It really is common, so I wouldn't worry. I called NHS direct the first time I saw the blood (about 5 weeks), and they said it was probably nothing to worry about, but to contact my GP anyway so I would do that. He/she might arrange an early scan for you too! xxx

  • Hiya PTB, its sounds like nothing to worry about, but if it comes back or gets any heavier Id get an early scan hun just to put your mind at rest x
  • Hi PTB, fingers crossed everything is ok for you. I know how scary it is as I had this at 8 weeks and 10 weeks but now have a happy and healthy 15 week old baby!
    Try and relax, take it easy and if you get any more worried then go and get checked out. As my midwife said to me at the time, not good for you or the baby to be worried! xx
  • PTB, sometimes you get a slight implantation bleed around this time. I was the same and had a slight pinkish tinge but nothing else (except a day of worry) and am now 34 weeks.
    Try not to panic
  • this happened to me too with my first pregnancy i phoned the nhs helpline as i was ready to go to hosp and they said it was prob inplantation bleed but if i had any more then to go see my doctor i didnt have anymore and now have a perfectly healthy 3 year old so think its quite normal but doesnt happen to everyone as its not happened to me yet and im now 8+4 with baby number 2.

    emma xx
  • Hey PTB,

    I would try not to worry (I know easier said than done) but that sounds like the most tiny bit of spotting and the dact there has been no more is really good...

    I had heavy bleeding (period like) at 5-6 weeks and 10 weeks which they could find no cause for...

    However if you are still worried or have anymore spotting don't hesitate to call your EPAU of GP for advice... I had scans at 6 and 10 weeks and they were lovely at the unit...

    take care chick
  • PTB, I had spotting at about 7 weeks and then again at about 9 weeks both with this pregnancy (31 weeks now) and when I was pregnant with Millie. Both times it was just a bit of blood once when I went to the toilet. I did see a doctor the first time it happened but all the other times I didn't bother. Did make me very nervous for the next few weeks though!
  • hi

    i had bleeding at 7 weeks and then again a week and half later at nearly 9 wks. i have had scans and all was well they could not tell me why it happened but as a precaution i have been put on a progesterone supplement to support everything. i am now12 weeks . i wake up this moring and i am bleeding. i came stright to the hopital and they scaned me the baby is still doing well and my cervix is still closed which is reasuring but they said it may be a old blood colt or they said the placenta is lying very close to my cervix and the presure could be causing burst blood vessels. but all seems to be well try not to worry and if it gets worse go to the hospital bleeding can mean alot of things.

  • Thanks for sharing your stories. They have definitel helped reassure me and I haven't had even a hint of any more pink (fingers crossed) so am beginning to relax.

    How scary for those of you that had heavy bleeds :\( Glad everything's ok, Suzy.

    ROLL ON THE NEXT FEW MONTHS!! This is torture.

    Thanks again.
  • hi ptb

    glad to hear things have cleared up. all seems to be fine now i am having another scan in the morning just to make sure.

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