Help soneone please ... very worried!

Hi girls im just really looking for some advice and to see if anyone else has experienced this:

I think im around 5 weeks + 2 but havent had exact dates confirmed yet.

I tested last Tuesday and got my BFP 1-2 weeks and again this tuesday getting 2-3 weeks so all looking good. About a week before the first test I had very light spotting which i assumed was implantation.

I have had all the normal pregnancy symptoms and apart from that have been feeling ok.

This morning when i woke up and went to the loo there was a bit of darkish red blood when i wiped - no clotting or anything and just when i wiped. When i went again 20 mins later there was nothing and has been nothing ever since.

When I saw the nurse last week she said that i may have a urine infection and sent a sample away to be tested - i am getting th results of this tommorrow.

I phoned NHS 24 this morning in tears because I am freaking out that something has happened to my little freckle. The lady there said it might just be due to urine infection and its a good sign there has been further bleeding. I also had a pain last night around my kidneys which she said would tie in with some sot of urine / kidney infection.

I have been told just to stay in bed and drink lots of water today. I have a docs appointment tommorow anyway.

Would you wait until tommorrow or phon docs or what? I am so worried!

I had to phone in sick for work which stressed me even more as I am not telling them until may because its a newish job and i am still under my 6 months probation until May.

Sorry for rambling on ... any advice would be much appreciated xxx


  • Awww huni, im sure everything will be ok! Lots of women have bleeding in early pregnancy. I think its a good sign that all seems ok now. The advice that the lady from nhs 24 gave you sounds very sensible. I would follow that advice and just see your doc tomorrow as planned. Try and stay positive (hard i know) and im sure everything will be fine. Good luck huni, ((((big hugs))))) Let me know how you get on, lov Debs xxxx
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