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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4



  • How are those pains whale chick?

    mrsrees, glad your friend knows how to cheer you up a bit.xxxx

  • Welcome to the world Harry!!!

  • MummytoLily oh my gosh congrats finally harry is here that must have happened fast so, so happy for you hun 

    Whale chick I’m glad you can use words properly I could not for the life of me think of the word speed bumps when I ws writing earlier haha 

    yeah she’s a good friend, we work together Nd at first I didn’t really like her but she grew on me and now she’s by best friend really she’s amazing 

  • Omg!! Wow mummytolily!! Wasn't expecting to read this today!! Congratulations!! Hope bobble is ok?? Whalechick Hopefully your be next x

  • Thanks everyone! My waters went at 8am (so I told a little porky this morning) the Midwife came round at 12pm she checked me about 1pm and I was 6cm contractions were coming thick and fast she said if you don’t go to the hospital soon you will have your baby in the car we ended up getting to the hospital at 2pm he was born at 2.21pm weighing 7lb6oz, when we pulled up outside the hospital I had the urge to push everything happened so quickly! So only 20 minutes of gas & air! So glad it’s all over and he’s here he is so beautiful! 


  • Aha everyone tells porkies now & again! Wow that was very quick! Are you home now? He's gorgeous !! Has Lily meet him yet? Xx

  • He’s incredible! Well done Mummytolily!xxx

  • Awwww congratulations he’s lovely I hope your both doing well xxx

  • Awww mummytolily he’s gorgeous so so so happy for you, I remember you first joining the trying to conceive group and now yoube had your rainbow baby ❤️❤️

  • Wow congratulations mummytolily!! I wasn't expecting to read that today ha ha!! So quick!!

    Harry is gorgeous! Hope you are both doing well xx

  • He is beautiful! Congratulations xxx

  • Hello Rainbow Harry you are beautiful x

  • Awww he is adorable! Hope you are both doing well, and glad it all went so fast for you! Enjoy your cuddles ☺️

  • Fabulous news mumytolily, super speedy delivery, I hope you are feeling ok and not to uncomfortable?  welcome to the world Harry 😍 

  • Wow congratulations mummytolily!! That was quick and he is super adorable. Welcome baby Harry

  • Love your photo of Harry, judging from your picture the other day he's quite like his big sister! 

    Whalechick, I can't remember if it was you I was saying to, but I spoke to the midwife at my class last night and she reckons the painful fingers when I get up are mild carpal tunnel but should vanish once I give birth. She also says the sore spots on my bump are likely just wee bruises from being kicked repeatedly. Thankfully they aren't as so today so I think baby must have moved again 😂

  • That makes sense, MrsB, I have carpal tunnel in both arms/hands so I thought it was just the swelling setting it off. but the bruising sounds so crazy! Baby must be kicking you so much to cause bruising, which in a way is good, weirdly, lol. 

  • Oh mummytolily, what a journey it's been! Massive congratulations to you and your family! Harry is absolutely beautiful 😍😍😍 sounds like labour progressed very quickly! Midwives aren't joking when they say the second baby comes quickly 😅 Hope youre ok 🤗❤️

  • Thank you everyone we are over the moon and still a little in shock! we Managed to get home at 7.20pm just in time for lily to meet him 💙 still Can’t believe how quickly it all happened! I woke up yesterday morning like well todays not the day and then all of a sudden hes Out 😂 I also can’t believe how light he was he weighed less than lily! Heres a picture of them together! 


    Hope everyone’s okay! really hoping baby’s here safe & sound bobble! Whale chick your next 😜

  • Ahh gorgeous picture 😍😍

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