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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4



  • Awwww bless them I bet lily was so glad to meet her baby brother 

    in complete shock that he came so fast, but at least it was quick for you to make up for being late haha 

    congrats hun xx

  • Beautiful pic mummytolily :) has anyone been sick from having trapped wind just under rib cage, been suffering since tuesday with trapped wind all over, but this morning I tried to burp to relieve it and ended up bringing up clear spit & bile I guess it was x

  • Oh my gosh congratulations on the birth of Harry!! I didn’t know there was a new thread! He’s a beautiful baby!! So exciting! 

    I got my consultants clinic app through because I have Crohn’s so I’m apparently higher risk (might be what caused previous miscarriages) - has anyone been to a pregnancy consultant clinic before? I assume its just more weighing me, blood pressure etc? 

  • Congratulations mummytolilly!!

    gorgeous boy and beautiful pic with his sister;

    your birth sounds v similar to mine, I kept say “oh my god” after as I couldn’t believe how quickly she arrived! 

    Look forward to more happy baby news xx 

  • Hi ladies just to let you know Rosie Faith was born 19th July 6lb 9.5oz and shes perfect will update yous alll when we arew settled, much love to alll xxx

  • Congratulations Bobble! Love her name xx

  • Congratulations Bobble lovely name :) glad all went well, was worried as we hadn't heard from you xx

  • Awww what a beautiful name! So glad everything went well and hope you are enjoying lots of cuddles. Welcome little Rosie Faith :) 

  • Congrats Bobble! Beautiful name - hope you enjoy those first few days 😍 xx

  • Ahhh congratulations bobble! 

    Glad all is well 💕

  • Congratulations Bobble, hope you are both doing well - look forward to hearing your birth story when you have a minute....xxxxx

  • yay welcome to the world Rosie congrats bobble :) xx

  • Massive congrats bobble! Such a beautiful name 💗 can’t wait to hear all about it! & our babies share a birthday xD! What time was she born? 

    Heres a picture of lily & harry today 💗💙


  • Aww mummytolily how cute! 5pm! Xx

    Well we were admitted on tuesday for induction, i was given three pessaries over the two days which started what i was told was prostan pains that felt a lot like contractions, it took around 36 hours for these to work and was checked for a third time and was 3cm dilated on thursday morning, given gas and air which i found was a god send, i also has four doses of diamorphone over the 2.5 day period ans opted for an epidural but was still able to know when to push when the time came. I was check again two hours later and was 5cm then nine cm a furthee two hours later, around half four was advised we could start pushinf and she was here by 5pm exactly, defo recommended gas and air for all the girlies going in, me and babs are now home and safe and shes perfect in everyway, just had a bath and didnt cry at alll.

    Rosie Faith, 19/07/18, 6lb 9.5oz


  • 😍 she is beautiful! sounds like you had a long labour but totally worth it for her. How are you feeling now? Glad the gas and air helped :) 

  • Awww bobble she’s beautiful :) I love her name it’s so pretty

  • She's gorgeous :D welcome little one :) sounds like a very long few days, bet your glad to be home :) I'm officially 12 weeks today :D still have to wait another week for our scan!! 

    Mrsrees how you doing? How was your driving lesson? Xx

  • Congratulations on Rosie Faith Bobble-she is absolutely beautiful.

    love the recent name choices!xxx

  • Aw bobble she is stunning. And looks so peaceful 😍! I'm glad you got home and she's settling in.

    All these baby pics are getting me excited for my turn 😁 whose next after Whalechick? 

  • Sorry if this is a cheeky question ladies but I can't seem to get a straight answer from my HR dept.

    Once we are on mat leave are we subject to tax and NI deductions? I know I will be for the first 6 weeks at 90% pay, but I then get 20 weeks where I would earn £730ish a month (may vary as they average out and overtime youve dobe lately) then another 14 weeks where I'm on SMP. I would imagine towards the end I shouldn't really be paying anything in tax as I'm below the personal allowance?

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