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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4



  • Welcome new ladies and congrats on your BFP’s 😁

    Mummytolily and Bobble how are you both getting on? i don’t know anything about nipple shields, but have found mam great for other stuff. 

    I have found out today that my friends daughter come out in chicken pox today - she was cuddling Millie on Wednesday 😬 hopefully she will carry immunity from me 🤞

    I wonder if it is worth finding a rainbow babies page for all us who have gone through our journey now? So the newbies aren’t swamped by our baby chat?? What do you think ladies? Xx 

  • Welcome to the new ladies! It feels like just yesterday I was posting for the first time!

    MrsFish I hope Millie doesn't catch them! I'm sure they only become contagious a couple of days before the spots appear so if she's just getting them now you might have been lucky and missed it!

    I think a rainbow babies page is a great idea (although I do love hearing how they're all getting on!) - if you find one leave us a link and I'll join you all in 5 weeks (I'm thinking positive that I won't go overdue!)

    I've been an emotional wreck today. I was crying because the house is nowhere near ready, then because my mum offered to come help and I didn't want her to see. Then I got all worked up about how uncomfortable my clothes are getting as bump keeps expanding, and bit hubby's head off when he pointed out I could just take them off in the comfort of the house 😂. Officially a psycho - does this last til I have baby now?

    I'm about to sit down and start my birth plan if anyone has any suggestions. From looking at the hospital website a birthing pool is out the window as they still have me down as a high risk due to pre pregnancy weight, even though every test shows a perfectly normal pregnancy and that I'm in great health! But let's not start me on that one today....

  • If you start a new rainbow babies page I’m still following you all :P you all left me once already I will miss you if you all leave haha 😂 

    having a hard day today as tomorrow I should have been 12 weeks nd at the sfe point and now I’m wondering if I will ever ctually get there 😢

  • You will get there MrsRees. I really do believe that.Xxx

  • MrsB, sounds like me yesterday, had a fight with bf over nothing, stormed out and took myself to the beach to cry. i Highly recommend stand up comedy, I spent tonight watching that and crying with laughter, much preferable to crying cos I’m crazy. 

    I don’t have a birth plan as such, mostly I have just said I want to be active, minimum pain relief, and no lying down if possible. Oh and no intervening unless baby needs help, so no forceps etc. I mostly just tried to think what would relax me most, and moving around is definitely top of the list. Good luck with writing your plan. Oh, and remember to add in parts for if things change while in labour, like it hurts more than expected and you want the lovely pain killers to Make it stop 😆

  • Mrsfish I hope she doesn't catch it, I get so panicky when I've seen people then they tell me they've been Ill lol I hate being poorly. Have any of you ever woken up and felt like your not pregnant... I don't have any physical reason to think I'm not but woke up this morning feeling that way :( now it's making me doubt myself and thinking I should call epu x

  • Congrats to all the new Ladies!

    Mrs fish are doing really well thank you 💙 he’s just so perfect still can’t believe he’s here! I think the nipple thing I may have too much milk so I’m gunna try and express some today as the nipple shields done nothing 🙄 I really hope Millie doesn’t get them ☹️ We should definitely make a rainbow babies page! 

    Mrs b that lasts until babys 18 😂 with your birth plan I would definitely look into pain relief! With the birth pool will they not allow you to labour in it? With lily I had gained to much weight and I wasn’t allowed to give birth in there but I was allowed to use it as a pain relief! I didn’t end up using it anyway but it might be worth an ask? 

    Mrs Rees I can’t wait for the day your rainbow baby is in your arms 🌈 

    whale chick how are you doing? Any more signs of pains? 

    Here’s anorher Cute picture of my babies 💗💙


  • MrsRees how are you hun? Anyone got scans soon? I have a private one this Saturday which will be just after the time my angel babys heart stopped so I'm abit nervous.

    Beautiful pics 😀

    Summer holidays are here and I have zero energy. Will be fun being fun mummy to my super energetic two 

  • Mummytolily, we are so, so thrilled for you. We've followed your journey on MFM, from your miscarriage to the birth of your baby boy, it just makes us beam from ear to ear for you.  


    Please feel free to kick off your own Rainbow Babies thread - we think it sounds like a wonderful idea, esp for women who are lurking, having suffered a loss, it will give them so much hope. Just click the Pink Start a Thread button at the bottom of the page (if you're on mobile) Let us know if you need any help. 

  • Loving the rainbow babies page idea! cant wait to join! 

    Mummytolily the photos of lily and Harry are too adorable, she looks so happy with him! I am ok, still getting pains and pressure, have hospital on weds so going to ask them to check me over and see if things are moving along. Baby is mega active lately too, which Is lovely until she tries to push her way out, lol. 

    Steffy, I constantly don’t feel pregnant, i didn’t start showing until a couple of weeks ago so I had 30 weeks of questioning if it was really happening. 

    Good luck for your scan on Saturday, honeybee, try not to worry too much, although obv that is hard to do.

  • Oh my goodness, how much have I missed!???!

    Mummytolily huge huge congrats- he is beautiful and doesn't he suit Harry so well!!? Amazing, what a gorgeous family 

    Bobble, so excited to see your wee one has arrived. Shes stunning and such a beautiful name.

    Welcome to all the new ladies. I waited for my first period after my mc, but that's more because I wasn't ready emotionally (it took 7 weeks all in all). We started trying after my first period, ended up ovulating very very late so thought we had no chance, but got pregnant that month. I'm now 20+4 with a little girl who's favourite pastime seems to be booting the front of my tummy.

    I was a terrified wreck up until about a week ago, so totally understand the anxiety of being pregnant after a mc. The ladies here are an incredible support x

  • Mrsrees I really hope you get your rainbow baby soon.

    Honeybee I have my ' 12 week' scan on Monday I'll be 13+2. I expect I'll feel nervous the days leading up to it. 

    Omg whale chick that would drive me mad! I haven't had many strong symptoms so it's not like a lack of them that's jolted this feeling, I did retch earlier and I have a little pulling feeling so hopefully that's ok? 

    Mummytolily beautiful pic x

  • Aww congrats lorew. Was your mc with your first pregnancy? I can’t wait until I can give it another go now just get this period out the way in a few days then see when I ovulate. I hope I fall pregnant quickly again arggggh xxx

  • I’m doing ok thanks everyone still a bit low I should be having my 12 week Scan tomorrow and instead I’m back to trying again and facing the worry and the wait, my biggest worry is that it’s going tke as long  last time, I can’t cope waiting that long again 

    I’m glad everyone else seems to be doing ok though

  • Hi Brookes, thank you :)

    Yes it was my first pregnancy. I was 10+4 and we were devastated. I'm still seeing a councillor and having really bad miscarriage dreams even now. Best of luck for trying after af!

    Mrs Rees glad you are doing ok. I think all of us have our fingers crossed that you will get your bfp super quickly!

  • Lorew, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you arrange the councilor? I’m starting to think something like that would help me after losing my baby.

    mrsrees, no wonder you’re still feeling up and down. It’s such a big thing to go through and it can feel like a lonely grief At times. Like everyone else, I hope the ttc is quick for you.xxxx

  • I’m hoping it goes quickly too but st the minute im really not trying to think of ttc at the minute, seem to be dtd a lot but I’m trying not to start focusing on it too much and I’m not in the mind frame either for ttc, I’m still very much grieving and still wanting my baby back, I may even think of speaking to the gp about seeing a councillor this time as I hav some unresolved anger issues with this miscarriage and not being able to understand it 

  • I can understand that and it makes sense mrsrees, Ttc won’t be the main thing on your mind, grief will and it takes time to grieve. It’s taking me a long time, I’m sorry to say. I had my angel baby in March and I’m still finding it difficult. I’m thinking of a councilor too. Surely it can’t do any harm? 

    I'm not sure we’ll ever understand it but maybe come to terms with it- find peace? xxx

  • Ladies I saw a counselor and it helped me so much, I saw mine through my epu. She then arranged the early scans for me this time which have helped me massively!! 

    Last night I got my baby journal out for my angel baby and saw I would have been 37 weeks today :'( it made me feel really sad, but im now carrying my rainbow baby. I honestly think you should find out about counseling, you get 8-12 sessions I think and it just helps put things into perspective, I also talked about home life & work. So if you're having a shitty week & end up venting it all it doesn't matter. X

  • Oh my I have missed loads too! 

    congratulations mummytolily and bobble! were the babies born on the same day? Gorgeous babies! 

    Hello to everyone new and I hope everyone else is keeping well,

    afm i am 29 weeks today and Baby movements are nice and strong now! moved out of our house 2 weekends ago into my mother in laws for the time being, most stressful thing moving out of a house in one weekend! Don’t do it! Lol waiting on a date for the new house but I dont think it’ll be here by the time baby arrives! Very hot and getting uncomfortable in the nights mainly now x

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