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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4



  • MrsRees I have my fingers crossed! I had symptoms from about 4 and a half weeks but I 'knew' about a week before that so if you think you are I'd trust your instincts! I think we're all nervous/excited for you!

    You've all got me excited with your 4d scans, everything seems to be going so fast!

    I had a wee panic this week cause my af was 4 days late and we were a little wreckless around my fertile days. As much as I'd love another 2 under 1 would terrify me, plus my car and phone both went kaput this week so I don't have money for it right now! 

  • My instincts have been wrong before is the problem haha 😂  will see what happens I guess tomorrow 

  • Mrsrees iv got my fingers crossed for you! When I found our with Oscar It was a week early and I felt hungover & had gone off of coldslaw something I developed a craving for all of a sudden in March whilst I was still carrying my angel baby. I just didn't feel right but wasn't expecting a positive. When I found out first time with my angel I tested a day early because I hadn't peed for hours lol! I've calmed down now & opened all my lovely pressies. I also had loads drop out so I know how upsetting that is :(. I've been getting cramps today and I'm not sure if it's anything to worry about or not. I can still feel Oscar moving..shall I get my partner to check my cervix? Would that indicate if I was in any type of labour? Xx

  • Steffyjane this is obviously just my opinion but I wouldn't let him near your cervix incase it introduces infection etc. Also men are totally clueless and he might not know what he's looking for!

    I did attempt to check my own in the bath one night but I was equally clueless - all I could feel was her head sitting there and I went another week after that. Could you get your midwife to check for you tomorrow?

  • Also try not to worry about the cramps, I had contractions randomly for over a week and it was totally normal and just effacement starting apparently

  • Steffy, ask your midwife instead Like mrsb said-I’m sure it’ll be fine. Keep checking On Movements like you are doing etc. glad you’re feeling happier. 


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