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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 4

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 3 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. 



  • emj thank you I don’t think he’s going to be making an appearance anytime soon though ☹️ 

    Whalechick that’s such a lovely name! Sounds perfect for her! I can imagine now getting all nice and snug on the sofa in the winter 😂 how do You think she’ll Be when freyja comes? Oh god yes I’m forever in the loo! yesterday illy asked if I needed to go when she was going and my response was I always need to Go 😂 lightening crotch does hurt I think it feels like someone sticking a knife up there 😭

    Mrsb I can’t say I’ve had that but I hope it goes soon sounds like a pain in the bum! 

    I have a question for everyone! So lily goes to a playschool/nursery on a Wednesday and a Thursday and every morning I drop her off she hysterically cries but only when we get there, she knows where we are going yet she doesn’t cry in the morning or on the walk there, now how they deal with it is they pull her off me and practically ask me to leave which I can’t do because she’s so upset how can I just walk away?!?! this morning I snapped at one of the staff because I’d just had enough they were pulling her so hard that I almost fell over Now to me that’s unacceptable I’m 41 weeks pregnant and I’m 5 ft 8 I’m not a small person in the slightest so to be Using that amount of force is ridiculous! And it’s never the same girl that takes her off me it’s like there’s no routine? About 5 different girls tried to take her this morning until one came over that she knows quite well! A couple of weeks ago she had her days at her big school and she was fine she walked off happily with them I was so shocked there was no tears nothing and I think it’s because the teacher took a different approach she allowed lily to take control and decide for herself that she wanted to go with her, she was happy and I couldn’t understand why she was so happy to walk off with people she had never met in a surrounding she wasnt familiar with compared to going somewhere where she knows everyone and knows where she is! So my question is 😂 am I playing up to lily and making it worse by staying until she calms down or am I right Wanting to stay to make sure she’S settled? What would you all do if it was your child? 

  • Did everyone find their sickness went in the second trimester?

  • She will be a jealous wee shit when freyja gets here, lol, she is our baby and has no issue behaving as such, lol. Oh, well that might be what is happening then, it hurts like a bugger. 

    I would say lily knows they are going to behave in a way she doesn’t like and that may be why she didnt cry at the school, if it was my daughter I would be very annoyed and speak to them about how to handle it differently. I know in our nurseries the teachers make parents leave right away but would never forcibly take a child from a parent, that Would cause more anxiety and stress. Tbh I would probably have cracked up before now so I think you have held yourself well. But I would say something to them about their conduct.

  • Whalechick I'm cutting about my office in a pair of cheapy flip flops - getting some odd looks and I just don't care! I woke up again today with really sore fingers but I'm sure it's just the heat and swelling. I may ask at my parenting class tonight what she thinks it is just to be safe!

    Honeybee my sickness has never left me, although I suffered badly with hyperemesis until about 25/26 weeks. Now I'm just sick in the morning - although I do think I'm a massive exception to the rule and it goes quickly for most people, sometimes coming back later due to heartburn and reflux! I'm not sure what I'll do the day I wake up and don't need to puke 😂

    MummytoLily I'm honestly not sure what I would do. She's your baby and I'd say their way of dealing with it is defo not on! How long does she have to go before she starts school? 

  • I am trying to work out what pair of slippers would be safe to drive in, because even my too big shoes are too tight. Let me know what she says about the pains. 

    Honeybee, I had nausea all the way through, it eased a good bit in the middle, to the point I didn’t need to take tablets, but came back with a vengeance After 30 weeks.

  • Whalechick I got a pair from Costco, they're like knitted boots but have a proper rubber sole on them which are fine for driving in. Perhaps a bit warm for just now though :) 

  • Whalechick well if you ever need someone to have her whilst freyja settles in I’m available 🙋🏼‍♀️😂😂😂 yeah it’s more than likely that’s what it is, I think where she’s getting lower she’s probably leaning on a nerve, a very painful nerve 😂 thank you I definitely agree I don’t understand how they can pull a child away, she’s 3 years old and she knows what’s coming and it’s making it worse ☹️ I do feel for her must be traumatising ☹️ I would love to just drop her off and leave and know she’s happy but I can’t do that I wish I could, I did call them today and they said they’ll stop doing it and make a choice chart so she can decide what she wants to do first thing so hopefully that helps! 🤞🏻

    Mrsb She’s only got about 6/7 weeks left there so not to long but long enough! 😂 it’s difficult because I know she enjoys it when she is there but she spends a lot Of time with me so I do understand why she gets upset! 

    Honeybee j can’t help with sickness unfortunately I’ve never suffered! 

    If anyone has any tips to get labour started I would really appreciate that 😂 I’m losing the will to live today! I woke up in labour with lily exactly a week late so I’m super disappointed today ☹️ And I’ve just realised I’m the longest pregnant person on this thread 😂 everyone else has delivered before 41 weeks 😭 

  • Lol she Would love that, more attention from humans! 

    Mom glad they listened, and you may have also helped them realise they need to act differently with other children. But I’m glad she will be moving away from them soon and going to a school she already feels happy going into herself. 

    Sex. Apparently that works best. And a yoga ball? Walking, Curry, and pineapple? Oh and nipple stimulation. I have no idea if any of those work but I have heard they do, lol. I am actually lying here trying to determine if I am in early labour, I am getting a lot of lower pelvis pain, and back pain, that is coming in sort of waves, with time in between, but I’m not sure if it is just stronger Braxton Hicks or if things are moving forward. I’m going to be so disappointed if it just stops, so trying not to get my hopes up, but it really is starting to hurt.

  • Good luck mummy's hoping labour starts for you that are ready for it soon. So my charming daughter decides to pull a prank and draws a spider on the loo roll, in RED pen. So by the time I've got a bit of loo roll and folded it and wiped it looks like Dots of red fresh blood 😯 my heart stopped for a second and I'm not sure why I unraveled the paper but I then saw the spider in red ink. Grrrrrr I could have been freaking out. Bless her she didn't know but I've asked her not to draw on the loo roll in red ever again. Infact I might just ban all red pens!

  • Whale chick lily wouldn’t leave her alone she’d be in her element 😂 hopefully tomorrow morning goes better! She has her party invititations to hand out tomorrow so hopefully they’ll be no tears! Oh god it sounds like it could be! I’d see how you get on and if they get worse you’ll know it’s definitely the real deal! I’ve tried all of those and nothing’s worked ☹️ I think this is it now I’m just pregnant forever haha! I have another sweep tomorrow at mid day so hopefully that’ll work! 

    Honeybee oh god I bet you panicked! At least you can relax knowing it was just a bit of pen but yes ban all red pens until baby is here 😂

  • Honey, I bet you freaked out! At least it’s all ok!

    whale chick, it does sound like the start of labour- hope you’re ok and mummytolily, not long to go! Hopefully your sweep will start things off!


  • Emj thank you I really hope something happens soon 😭

    whale chick how are you getting on? Has anything progressed? 

    Bobble so eager to hear from you! Hope everything is going well 💗

  • Honeybee im 11+5 and only been sick twice, I don't even feel it most days, last few days I've suffered with trapped wind, when I was at work yesterday afternoon I wasn't sure if I was guna puke or burp lol neither happened. With my first pregnancy I felt rough until about 9- 10 weeks but it was around week 8-9 my mmc happened, so to not have many common symptoms this time has made me worried slightly but then having all my scans puts me at rest :) mummytolily I'd be pissed off if they dragged my child off of me like that, does she enjoy going? Maybe she doesn't like someone there? Has this always Happened? If not maybe she's worried about you going into labour and not being there to collect her? Bobble hope your ok? Mrsrees how you doing? X

  • Well from the last forum it wasn’t telling me anyone posted so had no idea that there was a new one to post on 

    I worked in a nursery mummytolily and no1 ever dragged a child away, if they have proper training they would be coaxing her to go in a positive way as dragging would be negative enforcement and would put her off more, there where some parents who would just had over a screaming child and run but I guess that was there way of doing things

    my auntie drove over lots of bumps in the road, the ones supposed to slow you down that got her labour going, I’ve seen people do a very fast paced walk that can help too 

    I feel for all being sick, not nice 

    whale chick sounds promising it could well be the start 

    really hope bobble is doing ok and that baby has arrived safely 

    afm my friend took me out for lunch yesterday which seems to be the routine when I have a mc she takes me for lunch haha just takes my mind off things, she handles it so well like she just knows what I need 

    I’ve got A driving lesson too today and am a bit nervous for that as I didn’t do very well last week, I’m supposed to be near to taking my test and I was doing really well but stress makes me mess up in driving 

  • No progression, but pains are coming and going so either very early or my body is a troll, lol. I am exhausted though, to the point I can’t stay awake long, and that seems to be a sign of labour coming soon...not that I am clutching at straws, lol. 

    Mummytolily, any sign of mr harry? The speed bump thing sounds like it could work, i may try that when out, lol. 

    Been thinking of bobble too, hope she and baby are ok, hopefully she is too wrapped up in cuddles to post :) 

  • Harry is here 😁

  • Ahhh congratulations Mummytolilyandharry! Enjoy your first cuddles 😍

  • Congratulations mummytolilly xxx

  • Omg!! Congratulations!! Welcome to the world little Harry!!! 

  • Mummy to lily and harry... how on earth did that happen? Mega congratulations. I love the name, it’s one of my faves!xxx 

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