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BRA Size confusion!!!! (Also in DIO)

Hia - so my maternity bra has been getting really uncomfortable! So I measured myself today using mothercare's bra fitting guide online. Bear in mind I had been measured professionally in the last 6 months before getting pregnant and was a 36DD. I have now come out at a 40C???????? Now I didn't believe it so I tried 5 other bra fitting guides online and they all came out the same!!

How can it be so different? I totally don't understand!! Unless I was fitted really really badly last time????
Anybody else experienced this?

Am going to go and get fitted at M&S on Tuesday when I go shopping.



  • Well once you are preg your boobs change size ALL the time so that's why! Go get a mroe comfy bra image
  • Aagh this happened to me too! I was gutted to find that when measured in M&S a couple of weeks ago I came out a 36D, when pre-pregnancy in the same shop they measured me to be a 32DD! How do you go up at the back and down at the front?! I was sure I'd stayed the same at the back and gone up half a cup size or so!

    I must admit my new bras are comfy, but to look at they are horrible, they are the M&S bog standard nursing bras, and they make me pointy and flat. I feel totally unattractive in them, even through clothes I look flat at the top/front of the boobage and point downwards. So no help whatsoever to you, but if you're not convinded I'd say go somewhere else and measure again. I don't know whether its the bras or the measurements or my actual boobs thats my problem!

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  • LOL I am just glad I am not the only one!! I thought maybe I had gone up a cup size or something - I had never heard of people going up at the back during pregnancy? I don't even understand how that works lol.
    And I agree with you about M&S bras - not very flattering!! I had a lovely NEXT ones but now they don't do them big enough!!!! Mothercare have some nices ones and apparantly do a bra fitting service - I may try there.
  • Your cup size is the difference between your chest band and the measurement around your nipples. IN pregnancy your ribcage can expand with your changing shape, and if your chest band size goes up but your breast tissue hasn't grown at the same rate, you'll come out at a smaller cup size because the difference is less. Does that make sense?
  • Don't get measured in M&S, they are rubbish! Get measured in Bravissimo, or you can use their website. Basically if your back measurement goes up, your cup size goes down and if you back measurement goes down, your cup size goes up.
    Go by the bra you are wearing at the moment, generally if your back is digging in then you need a larger back size - so the rule would be that your cup size goes down. Try it out on a few bras to get the right feeling.
    Bear in mind that different makes of bras fit differently and your boobs might be growing at the same rate as your back! So try a few on before you get it right.
    In case you're wondering I used to fit bras! lol!
  • Hia - well i used the Bravissimo online bra fitter guide thing thats were I got my unusual measurement lol. I was jsut so surprised that the back measurement would go up so quickly during pregnancy!!
  • try finding hotmilk maternity bras, they are made in New Zealand but you can get them in a lot of places over here and they are gorgeous! Most double as nursing bras aswell (dont forget that you will get even bigger when your milk comes in a few days after the birth!) but they are so comfy but sexy aswell, i had them all through my last pregnancy and will this time too, so much nicer than plain white ones!
  • I have two maternity bras from mothercare. One is a 34DD (pre pregnant I was 34B) and the other, which is a nursing bra (cos they only had ONE bra in 34DD) is a 36C. Go fiigure!
  • ur back size goes up because as baby gets bigger it pushes out ur ribcage, so tahts quite normal, and also if ur actual boobs haven't grown then as the back gets bigger then the cups won't need to be as big as they'll be wider, iyswim. happened to me last time too...i started off as a 36f, and ended up as 40E (whilst bf), i'm now a 38gg!! gonna be fun trying to find mat bras this time. lol. x
  • just wanted to add to what everyone else has said as i agree with pretty much most of it lol i was going to be fitted at m&s today whilst i was shopping and the lady even admitted that their bras measure differently to most other bras out there and a few friends have said they were measured there and measured differently elsewhere! quiet a few people recommended debanhams so i went there and was really happy with the service! - a bit shocked at how much i had gone up but at least the size they told me worked in other shops too!!! so i got 2 good quality ones from deb's and then got more from cheaper shops like h&m and tkmax!!! so maybe have a think about going debanhams - plus if you get fitted and buy a bra you get given vouchers for money off and a free skin & foundation check at the clinique counter (plus a free pot of foundation in the colour that suited you)

    Good luck and hopefully youll be able to get comfortable in the right bras hehe

  • I'm very confused about bra sizes before my first. Baby I was a 34 d and in that pregnancy went to a 38 d , I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant With second i  got measured at mothercareand told to get a 40 c why is that haven't gone down a size though ? 

  • Hia - so my maternity bra has been getting really uncomfortable! So I measured myself today using mothercare's bra fitting guide online. 
    Try the advanced calculator here.
    Try on the recommended size and it sister sizes. It worked for me.
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