Hi everyone....Im very glad I found this site. Im 42 and approx 7 weeks pregnant. Very , very worried, very stressed - pregnancy was a total shock as we'd given up on ever having a child after 5 years of trying . That aside had a scan last week as I had pain in my side ( hospital thought it was ectopic, but later diagnosed as grumbling appendix ! ) - scan seemed to be approx 6/7 weeks , but im worried as ive only had very intermittent and mild sickness ( or rather only nausea) , mildly sore boobs for about 3 weeks , terrible constipation & headaches on and off, but the last few days apart from chronic tiredness I don't feel anything - no nausea , no soreness, no so worried im going to miscarry ( partly because of my age ) are there pther women like this I normal ??... ....also under awful stress in other ways which I won't go into, and on top of that I have Multiple Sclerosis , so am in constant pain as i've had to stop taking all my I trying to hard to look for symptoms ? - or as they were so mild in the first place is this normal. ?I got pregnant about 12 years ago, and had virtually no symptoms then - but I had a termination, and spent the whole time preceeding it in denial .... My Mum and sister don't live anywhere near me , and I don't really have any female friends here where I live as we haven't been here long, so I feel very isolated and scared and worried... I Keep bursting into tears all the time and I can;t seem to focus on anything properly - I feel really depressed and worried . I have to go for another scan on Friday, but I think i've just convinced myself I won't carry this baby to term..... I just feel so sad.....but any helpful advice would be warmly received ! ( and if you've read to the end of this whingy post, thank you for hanging in there ! )



  • hi im 25 n tried for years lost first baby n had loads of sickness n sore boobs but it still ended in mc but my 2cnd 3rd and 4th pregnancys no symptoms till 18weeks + and they are all healthy so stop worrying!!! as for the age thing my mum delivered her 12th baby last september aged 43! i think stressing yourself out is only gonna makes things seem worse.stay open minded i really hope u get thru this rough patch xx
  • Hi Moneypenny. Really sorry to hear that you've been having such a tough time. It's normal to be worried, especially when you have other stuff going on as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your scan on Friday puts your mind at ease! Let us know how it all goes, and in the meantime this is a great place to have a rant or share your worries!
  • lollyhatch is right hun try not to stress to much i know easia said then done but try to be positive. there lots women that dont have symptoms till 2nd or 3rd trimester you could be one of the lucky ones that dont get morning sickness or many pregnancy symptoms at all. all women and pregnancys are different hun so try stay positive about your pregnancy x x
  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. I haven't had any symptoms throughout my pregnancy - not even bigger boobs (boo) or getting up in the night for a wee (yay)! A lady I worked with (about 5 years ago) mirrored your situation exactly in that she had MS and had a baby at 42. I know everyone is different but she was fine and had a lovely baby boy.
  • Hi, many congratulations on your pregnancy & please try not to be sad, though I know it's much easier said than done! It's supposed to be such a happy time but us girls seem to manage to spoil it for ourselves by constantly worrying.

    I'm 39, got pregnant after a long time trying, then spent the first 12wks constantly stressing that I was going to lose baby (had mc approx 6yrs ago). I also have a pre-existing medical condition, which could potentially cause problems for me and/or baby, so that was another thing to worry about. 12wk scan showed up a possible problem (though not related to my medical condition), so that was more worrying. BUT I hung on in there, am now 34wks, things look okay with baby, & we're getting ready for her arrival.

    I know it's hard, but try to think positive. And keep talking to your partner about your concerns if you can.

    I really hope everything works out okay for you.

  • Congratulations and I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry. Why not make an appointment with your doctor or midwife. I'm sure if you tell them about your history they will be able to provide you with a bit of extra support and perhaps put you in touch with some other mums to be in your area. Try to look forward to 5 weeks time when you have your first scan and hopefully will be reassured and able to enjoy your pregnancy a bit more.

    For what it's worth I didn't start feeling sick until about 6 weeks, then it disappeared completely at 9 weeks. I was really worried my hormone levels were going wrong and would affect the baby as I have a very underactive thyroid so managed to get an early scan which really put my mind at rest. Unfortunately the sickness came back the following week and lasted with a vengeance for the rest of the pregnancy but it was all worth it in the end! Good Luck and hope you're feeling a bit more positive soon.
  • Hi hun, I know how you feel! Im 7weeks+ and have not really had any symptoms either. I feel slightly nauseous sometimes (no sickness), boobs not noticeably bigger and not sore at all, not peeing more, in fact the only thing I can say is a 'real' symptom is tiredness, and that has only kicked in these past couple of days or so.

    Please try not to worry. They will obviously keep a close check on you because of your medical condition, so hopefully this will help you to relax and enjoy your pg. I know its easier said than done to relax (cant seem to take my own advice!), but please try as stress will not help the situation.

    Congratulations by the way! xx

  • Just wanted to say a big "thank you" to everyone for posting such supportive Thank you !. I went to see my Midwife today and had a big cry, and she was soooo supportive and kind- Scan has been put forward to Monday next week as she is going to be around then which is great. I feel a lot more balanced about this pregnancy after reading around the forum , and chatting to the midwife....just keeping my fingers crossed and hanging in there !. Thanks again everyone , Moneypenny X
  • Hi hun I think we all feel like this at the beginning of a pregnancy, when symptoms are either very light or not there at all. Some women just dont have any symptoms while others cant move without throwing up! I'm sure everything will be ok, try to relax and look forward to the scan. Keeping everything crossed for you.
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