does anyone know how long they will let you go before they decide to turn baby by ECV or book you for a section?

I am 33+5 and i don't think it has turned yet and am not convinced its going to either. It appears to be wedged permanently in my ribcage.


  • I think they usually check at the 37 week appointment and if you are still breech then they will try and turn the baby and possibly arrange a c-section. You still have time yet!!
  • I think its about 36-37 weeks before decide on c-section... the turn method is up to you.. I chose not to have it done, as it doesnt have a high success rate, especially if baby been breach for long time. It can also cause stress and bring on early labour, and aparantly it bloody hurts a lot. Im sure there will be someone on here that will have gone for it, and can tell you their story. I just chose to have a c-section.
    Good luck whatever you decide hun
    caz xx 26+4 with number 3
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