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Hi Nicospoon

Saw on another post you have hypermobility - I have it too and am suffering while pregnant. Is this your first? I'm waiting for a physio appointment to find out if I've got SPD or it's just my joints acting up. I'm a bit nervous coz when I was first diagnosed they said it would deteriorate and that pregnancy would make it worse. What's your experience been?

Laura xxx


  • Hey! When I was examined I wasn't found to have any spd as my hips were level. I've been wearing a tubigrip from 20 weeks which helps a lot. I've found it's affecting my hips and knees- ok in the mornings but sore by the time I go to sleep! Unlike people with SPD my comfiest position is sitting up with my legs crossed and I can't get comfy lying down at all!!! This is my first so I don't know what I'll be like after. It's supposed to make for a faster delivery but then having more chance of tearing- you'll need to wait til march to hear if that one's true!!! My hypermobility wasn't too bad before I got pregnant tho, just pain in my hips and knees when I put on weight or I was on my feet too long, it wasn't something I needed medication for or anything.

    How far along are you and do you have much pain yet?
  • I'm 24+6 and I've been off work since 21 weeks with lots of pain - been prescribed cocodomol but feel really guilty taking it. I'm finding it totally debilitating - have gone from running a 10k in May (although I was told not to do any high impact exercise due to the hypermobility) to not being able to walk for more than 5 mins without severe pain now. What you say makes me think it's my joints rather than spd as I'm also finding it comfortable with my legs crossed - doh!!!!!! What's this tubigrip that you're wearing - is it around your body then??? Let me know how you get on, coz you're not much ahead of me - when are you due? I'm due on the 2nd April, Laura xxx
  • Yeah the tubigrip is like a giant body sock! Gets quite frustrating when going to the loo but I couldn't live without it. Keeps my hips in place creating a more stable base which is what I'm lacking. I don't think I'd be walking very far without it either. On the odd day I haven't put it on I've been really sore.

    I'm due 11th March...sounds far away but its getting so close its scary!
  • Thanks Nicospoon - where did you get it, I know I sound really thick but the thought hadn't occured to me before! I know what you mean about it getting close although I'm a few weeks behind you - i'll have 100 days to go on xmas day - can't believe how quickly it creeps up - I'm definitely going to have to start nagging at oh to start the nursery!!!!!

    Have a good xmas, xxx
  • It was the physio that gave it to me. Have you had your appointment yet?
  • No got referred early Nov and have to wait until the 14th Jan for my appointment!!!! I'll make sure I ask about it when I see them. Thanks hun, have a fab xmas, xxx
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