Perenium massage - anyone tried it??

I've been reading about this and am considering giving it a go. Anyone doing it? Do you think it helps? I'll try anything to help prevent tearing!



  • I just hope it helps. My sister send me some special oil and I have started doing it and hope it will help.

    Anyway, as it is my first I have no idea, if it will work, but all of my sisters friends that tried it had their babies without tearing.

    So why not try. x
  • I may try it soon as the thought of tearing is too much for me!!!
  • I did it regularly with my first and still ended up tearing. The midwife said it's not the massage that makes an impact it's your type of skin. Like some people get stretch marks and some people don't. If your skin is soft and stretchy you'll be unlikely to tear, if you'r skin doesn't stretch easily no amout of massage to the perinium will help...also factors like baby size and position while birthing make a difference as well.

  • Hi ya, i honestly do not believe that!!!

    I have a tube map on my belly from when i was pg last yr & i had a 7lb 9oz baby & didnt tear at all!

    Also i didnt do the perenium massage or any other massage!!!

    Tess x
  • Oh ok!!! lol

    But try not to worry cos i was huge, had loads of stretch marks ,, a very difficult labour & didnt have one stitch...

    lol x
  • im definately gonna do it this time as i had a tear with first one and tbh thats the only the i remember about labour. i had to run a bath to pee in cos i just couldnt go and in my opinion i shoulda been stitched cos now it looks like a speech bubble. ive gonna try inserting evening primrose oil capsules up there but waiting for a few more weeks yet. xxx
  • I think I will give it a go, no harm I suppose. I hope the stretch marks thing is true as I haven't got any, but my mum never got any and tore with my sister!

  • What does evening primrose capsules do when you put them in your vagina? Never heard that before??

  • Im paranoid about stretchmarks and tearing.

    What sort of oil is advised for this massage??

  • i didnt tear naturally with my son but needed to be cut to get him out as his chin was up and he was 8lb 1oz which was a big baby for me im tiny! also tore internally as he was born and needed stitches up there. I am now 32+2 pg and wondering if my risk of tearing during labour will have increased because of this? the internal stitches were also put in incorrectly so the doc eneded up stitching the two sides together which i had day surgery for four months later. Will i have scar tissue from all this and will i tear more easily? Any advice appreciated as it is my only labour worry!!!
  • im gonna try it from this week i think, am 37 weeks now so suppose i might as well give it a go. not going to have any negative impact is it??!

    I heard the best oil to use was regular old olive oil. so i will be using that.

    i do agree with some of the ladies though that it prob depends on your skin type, and prob even the size/shape of your vagina! but anythings worth a go!
    x x x
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