Aren't we lucky??

Bit soppy I know................. but as a newbie, I just wanted to come on, and say how lucky that we all are.

After such a long journey ( 27 months ) I feel totally privilleged to finally be pregnant. I know it's early days ( only 7+ 4 weeks ) but I am obviously hopeful that I will be lucky enough to actually have a baby.

I have three friends that have gone throuh IVF ( two now have chidren and one is just about to go for 4th cycle ) and feel over the moon an very lucky to have fallen finally.

Not sure why I am posting this - but sometimes, in life we all take things for granted and forget how lucky we all are.

Congrats to all you lovely ladies out there, and thank you for welcoming to this lovely site.

Sam xxx:lol:


  • I agree with you completely. I am so lucky that I am here today!!!I thank god everyday for this special gift......

    Congrats. And congrats....Yes it's early days but dont let that stop you from celebrating. We all need a little happiness sometimes and no better time to get excited.
  • lol Your 3 days further than me mummy clyders and i'm struggling with feeling happy to be pregnant while nausea washes over me yes i'm exstatic to be pregnant and have always wanted to be a mom but i've never liked feeling sick in my life and struggle to feel happy about the feeling now. yes i know that it meas i'm less likely to miscarry and that my hormones are strong but couldn't my lo ease up a lil and let me eat more than 2 mouthfuls of somehting image (sorry i've gotta go to pizza hut for OH's niece's 7th b'day party and hate watching others eat when i can't.
  • Oh sweety......
    I know how you feel. I have not found anything that appeals to me yet. Even foods that i loved before is off thye menu. Wish I could have pate and cheese....but I cant...I find that peanut butter sarnies and coffee stays down well. I limit myself to two coffees a day. If I have it everyday!!!Not all the time.
    And pizza hut??? God I feel for you.
  • lol would love a peanut butter sarny but partner has never let me get any as he don't eat it. i've got dairylee and chedder and although i'm drawn to certain foods i'm not able to get more than a few mouthfuls into a meal before having enough and myOH demolishing mine as well as his image he's so skinny we're the typical little and large lol i'm big he's small he's taller than me lol
  • Just think of the sickness as a confirmation that your baby is well and reminding you that you that they are there!!!

    I LOVE pate, and it's on the menu for my dinner party next Friday, but of course I can't have any......! But I am sooooooo pleased I can't as it reminds me I'm pregnant!!!

    Sam x

  • lol i am pleased about it but i'm a little resentful of it only being 7 weeks in and already feeling like not going out coz i can't eat a proper meal and i'm a lil paranoid about his family as they're giving mixed responses towards the pregnancy one minute happy for me the next slating me for resting! i love pate too and was loking forward to it at xmas with all the lovely stuff they make but stuck with melon and ginger sauce (ginger gives me heart burn at mo)
  • Awwwww sukina just means your hormones are really prominant and means there is a big decreased risk of miscarraige. i miscarried in Jan (didn't know i was pg) and this is my first real pregnancy yes i love the fact my lil bear is there and that i've helped create life but the nausea gets to me and the lack of appetite during a meal.... I can eat my packed lunch as i munch it when i want but a hot main meal i get 2-3 bites into and don't want it or can' stomach it any more. Your a day further than me and i feel horrendous with the nausea up till about 10-12ish then it eases off for a few hours before starting again and lasting till bed time image had Weds off due to feeling like i was about to collapse from tiredness and nausea.was off yesterday as i work in the middle of nowhere and don't drive and had a midwifes appt. big mommy to be hugs Debz We're all going through the same thing just hold in there. My lil rant was just a streak of jealousy at my OH as he has the appetite of a cow ! He eats 2 full plates of a hot dinner and still feels hungry (hollow legs syndrome)
  • how's your husbands Back doing? congrats on such a quick conception image
  • Just wanted to say a huge congratulations to you all! image
    I'm about to go into month 8 of trying and it's so hard. I would love to be on the pregnancy forum so pop in now and then to have a sneaky peek at what I hopefully have to come. I never realised what a tiny chance each month we have of concieving a child until I started trying. You are all so lucky and I hope you all have happy and healthy pregnancys. Hope to be joining you soon, Jules xxxx
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