14 wks today - but have not been well :(

Hi Everyone new to the site just wondered if anyone could give any guidance...

I went to the doctors this week with terrible cramps and upset stomach have been told I have Gastroenteritis! Have been signed off work and told to keep drinking lots of water as cannot take anything. Just concerned hope my baby (14 wks) is ok i've had no other signs anything is wrong?!? Want to get better asap image xxx


  • hey hun and welcome,im 14+1 today! have u had a scan yet?have u got a doppler as this may put ur mind at rest if u hear babys heartbeat? xxx
  • Hello

    Yes I had my 12wk scan and baby was fine no i haven't got a doppler as wasn't sure when you could start using them and i am a serious worrier so have tried not to go out and buy lots! Spoke to Midwife too and she didnt seem too concerned with my condition?!? xxx
  • u can use the angelsounds from 12 weeks hun apparently.I'm sure all will be fine but it is a worry when ur ill isnt it xxx
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