18 wks & fed up

Hi ladies,
Throughout this pregnancy iv bin so busy iv not even had time to feel pregnant and enjoy it, now at 18wks i feel like im in limbo. I feel as though iv bin pregnant for ages even though iv got such along way to go. My back is murdering me (was weakened from 1st preg), i get funny pains from my stretching uterus if i move to quickly, and i can hardly keep my eyes open. I have such a busy life i jus wana feel beta and like myself. To add to all these feeling im sick of people commenting on the size of my bump thinking im futher gone than i actually im. Just generally feeling sorry for myself, is anyone else feeling the same? Kerry xxx

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  • yes this is my first baby i was 25 weeks yesterday and im sick and tired of being pg i know it will all be worth it in the end and i will love my lil girl to death but i just want her to be here now!!! my oh is already talking about when we will have another one i just tell him to bugga off!!!
  • hi kerry im only 16 wks and im feeling fedup too seems like i have been pg for ages but im the opposite to you i dont really have much of a bump and just look fat lol
    im soo sick of being exhausted aswell i work a 40 hour week and its so tiring im in bed at 9pm every night and i sleep in till lunchtime on weekends cant wait for my baby to be here.
    we will just have to try and keep our chins up hun think i will be better once spring comes and light nights arrive it always makes me feel better

  • Yeah, i wud say roll on summer but my last pregnancy was throughout the summer and it was awful towards the end. (Dnt think pregnancy and hot weva are suited). I dint feel like this at all last time and i feel guilty for feeling hard done to when so many people are trying to get pregnant wivout success. I think iv just got way to much going on in my head at da moment, need a holiday, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Hey Kerry, I was still feeling like crap up to about 20 weeks and really fed up just like you. But I seem to have turned a corner over the last couple of weeks and am not enjoying it but feel a bit less fed up now because am obviously showing and made a concerted effort to calm down my life to give body time to catch up. I bizarrely feel less tired than i did 4 weeks ago too. So chin up, it will be worth it (so everyone says) and hopefully you will start to feel a bit better soon. xx
  • Hey kerry,

    I know just how you feel and totally sympathise...

    I'm 25 weeks and I have just been diagnosed with osteoarthiritis in my spine as well as a partially prolapsed disc so with the added pressure of being pregnant I'm really suffering...

    I spent most of yesterday laid down with a hot water bottle as i had such intense pains along one side and the bottom of my bump it hurt to walk...

    I also had the pleasure of a massive blood clot on my perinium last week was excruitiating, thank god it has gone down now....

    I also seem to go through constant bouts of either being constipated or diarrehoa so I have piles as well....

    I am really excited about having this baby but I really can't wait to get through the next 15 weeks (I'm hoping 13 as I had my lo at 38 weeks)...

    I miss having any form of social life as I'm just to tired or in pain with my back, my poor hubby and lo must think I'm the most boring person on the planet...

    Thank god I go back to uni next week, I could really do with the distraction...

    I'm wondring if it's a 2ud pregnancy thing, your having a pants time, I am and my friend is having an awful time in her 2ud one and my other friend who had her 2ud baby in september had a terrible time as well....

    Maybe we should start a 2ud pregnancy sucks group, ha ha!!!

    I tell you what cheers me up, cadbury's creme eggs and working my way through box sets of 24!!!!!

  • Defo, we shud start up a "2nd preg sucks" group, ha ha ha. Uve made me feel bad now tho purplesbabes it sounds like ur having a terrible time and im having a walk in the park compared to u. Well lets hope us in the middle pregnant ladies start perking up soon, its quite depressing to think i mite feel this crap right thru til july 2nd, ahh!!!

  • so now i feel really guilty on this one!!! i'm 28+3 n have pretty much sailed through my pregnancy so far!!! had my first bump mesurment today & mw told me that if he carries on growing the way he is then i could be in for a 10lb+ baby! only niggle i've had really is the fact he's found my rib cage n some mornings i feel like i've gone 10 rounds with mike tyson & can hardly move coz he's been so active while I'm asleep! not as bad as it was as he's doing it more in the day time now, but still not comfy! my lower back can get a bit tender if i've been walking round all day but apart frm that i've had an easy pregnancy so far!! image
  • Hi Hayley_JC,
    Is this ur first pregnancy coz i sailed through my first pregnancy with no complaints but this time round it totally different (must b a girl!). Anywat feeling a little better today just got back from a huge carvery n im stuffed now, gona try a get sum sleep while my lil monster is napping, its great he still has a nice long afternoon nap. Kerry xxx

  • my pregnancy aint goin to bad ive been busy with appointments and stuff im now 29wk+1 its gone quite quick but im fedup with all the comments i just ignore them now lol ppl keep sayin"its like sum1s shuffed a football up ur top"ur bump is soo small and round comments gettin on my nerves big tim lol
    abbie,hope+blue bump29wk+1
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