Bedding for babies, im so confused already!


I have just been to Ikea and brought the bedding range i wanted for the nursary, the cot bumper, the duvet cover, the throw/blanket and the duvet inner quilt.

When i got home i realised maybe u dont have a duvet for babies? but then why would it exist? i feel like a bad mum already image i should have checked before buying this stuff shouldnt i! it was all on display in a cot in the store and its called cot bedding, gosh i feel so thick!

Please help.



  • Hi princess,
    There is alot of debate surrounding cot bumpers as they can restrict air flow and or possibly trap little arms, legs and heads. Babies cannot have duvets until they are a year old so before then you should use sheets, blankets or a sleeping bag. It doesn't make you a bad mum for not knowing and you'll be able to use the duvet later on. Whether you use the bumper or not is totally up to you x
  • Is it just a thin duvet? If so my friend has them in her twins cots but she doesnt put them over them, they are folded in half at top of cot with teddys etc on them.

    You are not a bad mum, we've all got lots to learn!! xx
  • Don't be silly hun, it is a hard being a first time mum, there is sooo much stuff out there!
    I don't think babies are allowed duvets and pillows until they are about 1 years old.
    Hopefully a more experienced Mummy can help you as I am a bit of a clueless first time Mum image

  • use sheets and cellular blankets for the baby until they are old / big enough to go in baby sleeping bags / grobags. you'll need 2.5 tog normally and 1 tog for warm nights. have 2 of what you need (ie winter baby will only need 2.5 tog) as when baby throws up you'll need to change bedding.
  • Thank-you ladies, there is so much to learn, i feel very silly! its a good idea to keep it and just use it at the top with toys etc. so i need cellular blankets and flat sheets? oh goodness, i just thought everyone had a cot bumper! im actually clueless! x
  • Don't feel silly - its all just trial and error to find what works for you tbh really and figuring out what is good from what age. Definately worth keeping your duvet cause it'll be used eventually.

    Duvets/pillows are fine from 1 year - with my son we gave him a pillow at around 13 months cause he had a stonking cold and thought it might help keep his nose a bit clearer if it was propped up. He was about 16 months when we turned his cotbed into a bed and he was growing out of his sleeping bags then so we got a duvet and covers - although we didn't actually put the duvet on for a while cause it was hot. he's 2 1/2 now and we use a mix of sheet and blanket when its hot (depends what he wants to sleep under that night lol) and duvet and blanket when its cold.

    One thing we did is only get 2 duvet covers & one duvet because we figured if he puked everywhere then the whole thing would need washing so we bought a quilt cheaply off ebay to use as a spare - that way he still had a warm cover if necessary.

    We always used sleeping bags from about 3 or 4 weeks old (we had 2 x 2.5tog ones and 1 x 1tog one cause lets face it..its not that hot int his country lol) - and we much prefer is nice & snuggly warm and can't kick the covers off - when it was really warm we'd just put son to sleep in a vest and nappy and we'll do the same with this one - their bedroom gets the sun all day so is always really warm.

    We had a cot bumper for my son (actually we ended up with 2 as he kept getting his arms and legs stuck in the bars) and personally I don't see the problem in using them.. when lo is under 6 months old and at risk of cot death then they aren't usually capable of rolling over and sticking their face in the bumper anyway to be in danger - my lo at about 10 months used to scrunch up in the corner of the cot with his face in the bumper and was fine.. if we hadn't had the bumper he'd have had some nasty bumps! They do recommend they aren't used once lo is old enough to climb on them to escape the cot - my son never managed that though before we put him in his bed. I think the bumper is a personal choice though as a lot of people seem to be against them.

    We never had cellular fact it took me ages to figure out what one was lol..we jsut got a variety of blankets including one I crocheted (which is now his favourite as he knows I made it for him), bamboo ones and fleece ones as well as a couple of sheets and we just added them until he was warm enough (stick your hand on their chest to check). We had the fleece one in hospital instead of boring hospital towels and noone ever said anything to say we shouldn't.

    Good luck figuring it all out lol! Its a nightmare till you get some confidence in your own abilities as a mummy but once lo is here, you'll be fine
  • with my first (now 3) i just used blankets, mostly from primark or asda and cot sheets from matalan or wilkinson as i really dont like the sleeping bags/grobags i hate not being able to get my legs out of the covers and felt that my baby would feel the same (crazy i know!).
    i got the cot bumper, cot duvet and cot blanket from wilkinsons. i think its silly that you can only use the cot bumper until they start to sit up and the duvet from 1 year. why bother making them to match?!

    you're not a bad mother at all. you have to learn these things somehow it doesnt just come naturally and there isnt an instruction manual
  • Well thats what i thought? why would they make it all to match? it seems a bit odd! does anyone know where i can get those cellular blankets for cheap? they seem expensive in mothercare? xxx
  • ive seen them in asda and primark. asda ones i think are two fro ??8 maybe?? something like that any way.
  • Do you know anyone who can knit? My MIL knitted all my ds blankets so we haven't had to buy any! x
  • asda, primark, wilkinsons, matalan
    i dont think i got anything frommothercare because its too expensive!
  • I'm glad you asked this ... I've always wondered why they made cot bedding sets with things you're not supposed to use. Another thing I've always wondered with the bumpers is that I've heard you're meant to sleep your baby with their feet touching the bottom of the cot to stop them being able to wriggle down under the covers. But then why do bumpers go round the top? If the baby is at the bottom then you don't need one surely?

    It's a minefield!
  • i think cot bumpers are just for decoration. just pop the baby in a box it'll be fine lol obviously i am only joking!
  • My great nan (102 years old) put both of her babies in the bottom draw of a chest of drawers! thats what everyone did in those days apparently. lol. does make u wonder about all the rules and regulations these 'experts' go on about thou. Yes my mum can knit, she told me tonight i dont need to buy any blankets, also i have just thought i have my abc blanket from when i was a baby, i might just let baby borrow that! lol xx
  • Toys r us are good and quite cheap for blankets. Think they do buy one get on half price or something like that!
    We hot all our bedding from there when we had our son 5 years ago!
  • i dont want any home made blankets because they will just make me cry. my nan was the only person i know that was really good at knitting and she died 2 years ago tomoro.
    gonna be primark and asda for me!
    if my chest of drawers wasnt about to fall apart i'd chuck the baby in there.. maybe i could use Jack's chest of drawers?! lol
  • I just wanted to say that I blame Ikea!!! :lol:

    I went in yesterday for a lamp and bought about 20 things!! Its all an evil plot! :lol: xxx
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