I am personally not planning to breastfeed for a few different reasons, but i was wondering if anyone has fed their baby by expressing and bottle? Can i express but not physically breast feed??

I know this might be a stupid question :lol:

Sharon x


  • Leigh from Born in Dec will be able to help you MrsJ, as she's exclusively express feeding - maybe leave her an FAO in there if she doesn't see this?

    The answer to your question is yes, but if you're going to do this I'd definitely recommend an electric pump as personally I find that although the manual ones work fine they make my hand ache and I get really bored - not something I'd want to be doing 8 times a day.
  • I had to do this with Riley as he was in special care when he was born and really struggled to latch on after being tube fed.
    At first it was easy to keep up as I was in hospital and used the breast pumps on the special care unit which were brilliant, but when I got home it was hard going. In the end I sent oh out for an electric pump and then sent him back for another!!
    The electric pumps made it alot easier to cope with, but after a while, I found I couldnt keep up with him and had to top up with formula.

    Its definatly worth a go as any breast milk lo gets will be a benefit.

    Naomi xx
  • Hi I really struggled with breastfeeding my little boy. I continued trying until I was so sore and nipples were so cracked that I cried each time I had to feed or knew a feed was adamant. So I decided to express from about 2 months and managed to continue until George was 6 months old. It's tough going as you have to firstly express then feed. I did manage to get ahead and store a feed in the fridge, but it's still a long process. I'm glad I did this now, but at the time I remember being very tired! Hope this helps. Good luck x

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