any 1 used kiddiecare ??

well title say's it all really just wanted to know if there reliable i want to order my stretty travel system but dont know any one who's used the site before ??

also does any one have the streety system is it any good ?? can u put a buggy board on them ?

thanks xxjojoxx 34+6


  • We live just up the road from Kiddicare (about 10 miles) so I use them a lot. I've been to the store and also ordered online and never had any problems with them. Delivery is always quick and the prices are often competitive. No idea about the travel system though, sorry xx
  • I used them when i bought my pram online, got such a bargin and it arrived in 2 days. I was very pleased. Not sure about ur travel system tho. xxxx :\)
  • We were going to use them to buy our Quinny buggy, but then changed our mind and bought one from M&P in the end.
    I used to live just up the road from Kiddicare too and did a HUGE shop in there when my sister was pregnant.
    We went recently... we were 'back home' for a funeral and popped in (sorry that sounds naff I know!) but I wasn't impressed at all... there didn't seem hardly anything in there :roll:
    But then we had a specific list so...

    Joo xxx
  • we bought our travel system from the store recently.

    We then found the same system cheaper online, although it wasnt in stock in the other retailer. My husband spoke to kiddicare, and although their price match policy didnt come into play cause the pram was out of stock, they still refunded us ??120 as a goodwill sale.

    So most impressed!!!!

    The delivery was also very quick. We were quoted 4-6 weeks, yet had everything except the car seat within a week, and that arrived only a week later.
  • Was really impressed with them. We saved hundreds on a complete quinny buzz travel system. It took less than two days to be delivered. They forgot the car seat base, but when I called they quickly arranged for it too be delivered.

    Very happy and would use them again.
  • gatecrashing from toddler. I wlive not far from them and have always been impressed, we have 4 children and everything weve bought for all our babies has come from them.
  • website is superb. great value, speedy service.
  • we live not far from kiddicare too and i love it! i also order off the internet if i only need acouple of bits! definatly use them!

    not got an opinion of the buggy tho im afraid! xx
  • Hi

    I bought the streety travel system from a shop near us, and love it so far although not had the baby yet.... but it seems really easy to use, and I've read lots of good reviews. don't know about the buggy boards.

    afterwards i checked on kiddicare and it would have been cheaper to get it from them! so today i ordered the carrycot bit from them - you don't get that with the initial package. also discovered today that the carrycot bit has all the attachments that you can use it in the car for long journeys instead of the car seat, which i think is fantastic!

    so so far I'm really happy with the streety, hope that continues once the baby's here!


    aileen xx
  • kiddicare is fantastic i got the phil and teds double buggy for ??300 and something, was over ??300 on mothercare for just the single!!! the buggy came in 2 days, they text u before hand to let you know the parcel is comind and they even leave it in a safe place if you leave a signed note for them, i was really really pleased xxxx
  • We've always ordered from kiddicare (have 3 children) as they are uaually cheaper and delivery is quick. We have also driven there several times which takes us 1 1/2 hours but it has been worth it.
    Would defo recommend them xx
  • i've just recieved my order from kiddicare and i'm very impressed!! they text me in the morning to let me know my order was on its way and i could text them back to change the delivery day if i needed to!! the delivery driver was lovely and carried all my stuff inside for me no problem! i will definatly use them again!
    there is one down side to the shop as its not open on sundays which would be the easiest day for us to go and have a look round.
    carly 32 weeks
  • Yep hun, I bought two cots and our resuable nappies from there. They are brilliant. We've spent at least ??400 on the website and they text you to tell you when your order will be delivered! Definately trust them 100%

  • I have many times and they're brilliant.

  • i have just ordered my car seat from them and have had a few emails and to say it has been despatched, so so far so good.
  • I've used them a few times, and they always deliver when they say they will, theyare usually the cheapest as well. def recomend
  • well ive just order my pushchair that ive only ever seen pics of so fingers crossed i like it xx
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