Exercise in early pregnancy

Hi girls,

I know that unless you are very fit you shouldn't overdo it on the exercise, but how much is too much if you're not as fit as you should be? :\(

Having changed from a really active job to one that's office based in the last year i've put on a wee bit of weight. because my last job was so active I didn't really need to do much other exercise. i know when you're pregnant you shouldn't be dieting or anything (i couldn't diet stick to a diet even if i wasn't pregnant) but I'd quite like to do some exercise to help with fitness and preventing excess pg weight.

I'm really stuck for time (and hate swimming) so wondering what I should do. I bought a lateral thigh trainer thingy before I got pregnant (has anyone used one - it really does kill you!!) but i stopped when I found out i was pg. I've had two mc's so didn't want to take any risks!

I dont know if i should go back to my lateral thigh trainer or if its too much. I do get about a half hour walk in most days going to work but to be honest I'd like something that left me a little bit more out of breath! Any ideas?


  • There is a DVD by Davina Mcall called pre and post natal workouts which i have been doing since day 1 its about half an hour long for the pre natal and ive found it helpful. Now im 37 weeks tho i dont do it very often but cant wait to do the post natal bit soon xxx
  • I would just take this time to relax, if u think ur body is not really used to any exercise it mite be best to wait til 2nd trimester if ur worried. However look in HMV for pregnancy yoga dvds and sum give excercises for all the different stages of pregnancy and helps to build up all those important muscles (pelvic floor) as well as supposingly helping your stamina for labour. Dnt know about the latter coz I stopped using dvd in third trimester coz I was so huge I cud barely move let alone do yoga. Hope this is useful, Kerry x
  • Hi

    Like kerrymc said, it may be best to wait until after 12 weeks just to be safe.

    I wasn't particularly active pre-preg but decided that I was going to get fit. I'd given up smoking and cut way back on the wine so I thought I may as well go the whole hog! LOL
    I went to the gym twice a week until I was 34 weeks preg, here's what I did:

    15 - 20 mins at walking pace on a cross trainer
    50 reps with 10kg on both Abductor & Adductor (inside and outside thighs)
    20-30 reps with 5kg on shoulder press, bicep curl, pectoral squeeze and the machine you pull down over your head.
    10-15mins gentle stretching & yoga exercises.

    I never pushed myself to the point where I felt uncomfortable, hot or out of breath.

    Staying fit and healthy will help during the later stages of preg, labour and will speed up your post-birth recovery.
    Just be sensible and you'll be fine x
  • omg pixie-woo, ur very good image
    only weight i do is a 14m old (quite a few reps a day)
    and large spoon of ice cream to mouth (lots of reps most evenings)lol
    i do plenty of walking too, especially round the shops image xx
  • Hi Girls
    I exercised regularly before for a couple of years and was wondering if I should continue, I spoke to my doc, and step instructor at gym and both said that if you can and don't go overboard, go for it, your body will know when it's had enough, just don't overheat and drink plenty of water.

    I don't go mad now, do step once a week which I try to do low impact but in my class that's pretty hard coz it's really dancy. Tried exercise bike last night for 20 mins, only burnt 100 calories and didn't overdo it but it felt good.

    As long as you get your heart rate up for a good 15-20 mins that is doing you good. So even fast walking is fine.

    I've read keeping fit in pregnancy helps you in labour and get this girls, I do find I sleep so much better when I've been to gym.

    If you can join a gym, I'd recommend the bike or cross trainer just to go at a slow pace, even the tredmill walking on an incline will get your heart going and will burn calories, but if you can't joinga gym, I'd recommend Davina's DVD also, haven't tried it but as it's specifically for pregnant ladies I would imagine it's great and certainly not time consuming as you can do as little or as much as you have time for and in privacy of your own home.

    I am 12 weeks this sat.
  • I would highly recommend you stick with the exercise if you're feeling well enough. I'm 34 and this is my 3rd baby and I'm looking the best out of the 3 pregnancies.

    I'm 38 weeks and still going to the gym 2 times each week, I live in Australia and the gym is called Contours, I don't know if it is in the UK but it's one of those 30 minute workout for women kind of thing.

    Even at this late stage I'm still feeling great and only just now getting a bit of sciatic pain, but not really feeling heavy or immobile like I did with my first 2 babies, and I am putting it down to staying active as long as possible.

    Just make sure your doctor is aware of your intent to exercise and they will advise if you have any problems with blood pressure etc, (my Dr thinks I am insane still wanting to do it, lol) but as long as your health is good keep going, you'll feel great.

    Pregnancy is not a disease, lol.

  • Hi girls. I had the same dilema. I'm pretty fit and go to 'bootcamp' 3 times a week and since finding out I'm pregnant (I'm 9 weeks) I've kept going.

    I spoke to my trainer about it and he said that I should exercise at 60% and advised me to wear a heat monitor and to try and train at a certain level. I must admit it's quite hard as I really have to slow down, but I'm starting to get used to it.

    The important things to consider are that you musn't overheat as although you can sweat to cool down, your baby can't. If you work too hard, then the oxygen you take in will go to your muscles first to aid their recovery rather than to your baby (which is why you should work out at a lower level). Reduce the number of reps you to to 15-20 and use lighter weights. Also, I don't think you should be doing regular sit ups form 4 months.

    It's good to keep exercising though as it apparently helps with labour, and helps you to get your figure back more quickly. Oh, and I thing research suggests that if you exercise you have a leaner baby.

    Hope this helps!

    Jo xx
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