hello again all

Now i have done it I am getting paranoid about everything.

I have been getting a few twinges in my stomach and feel really bloated almost as though my period is coming but I am pregnant.... is this normal???????



  • b4 i even found out i was pg i kept thinking that my af was coming thats why is put off testing!! i think when u r in the early stages and sometimes it goes on for a bit it can feel like that. do u know how far u r yet?? xxx
  • i'm 17+3 and only occasionally get that feeling but still get the heaviness and cramping but think of it as lo growing and you stretching to accomodate it image
  • princess jane, my last period was 28th nove but not sure when I ovualted as periods are normally very long and irregular.
  • Hi there, congratulations! I had a bloated tum for ages - still not completely down. Also had quite strong twinges quite low in my pelvis, low abdomen and upper thighs - was told this was stretching. It still happens.

    Hope you don't get sickness but I found it felt like the sickness when you're hungover (memories!) when any thought of food made me heave. I only was sick once but felt 'blah' from about 6-8 weeks... I got off very lightly!! I'm still only 10+4 so may get sickness again - it's come and gone.

    Take super-easy! xx
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