Environmenally friendly nappies

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone has in the past or is planning to use non disposible nappies? I would really like to try them but not really sure what the options are. Is anyone else considering this?:\?


  • i'm considering this as it seems cheaper in the long run although expensive to start with. certainly can't afford to buy them now but was planning on doing reusables at home and disposables when out or away as don't fancy carrying dirty nappies around the place with me lol just gotta find the initial outlay of the costs.
  • i was thinking of using the terry cloth ones from mothercare. the type my mammy used for me! probably a bit of extra work, but i hate the thought of disposables all ending up on landfill sites. They're not as expensive as some of the reusables ones out there, so if it turns out that they aren't that effective, then at least i won't have wasted too much money.
  • meant to say, think you can get a starter pack of them for about ??30
  • oo00oo where from mrsC? my mom used terry ones on me and is even giving me a bin with a lid to soak them in lol
  • they're from mothercare.
    think the starter pack includes the nappies, liners, safety pins, soaking solution. There wouldn't be enough in there to last very long, but it would at least be enough to let you see if they're worth investing in.
    and of course they'd do for any other babies you go on to have after this one as well, so def more economical if you're planning more than one!
  • hi, i'm planning on using real nappies but was really confused by all the different options. a friend of mine swore by the 'nappy lady' (google it) and i've since seen this recommended in loads of places. Basically you do a questionnaire based on your needs, plans for feeding etc and then they recommend the kind of nappies best for you.

    There's no obligation to buy but i'd really recommend it as a starting point as a way of wading through the options! There's too many cute looking real nappies out there - but 'cute' wont stop leaks!
  • hmmmmmmm interesting haven't heard of the nappy lady heard of the lollipop lady who is a distributer
  • Fanstastic, thanks girls, will def give the nappy lady a try. I think i will try and use a combination like you Crotchet mom, at definately want to give it a go though for the environment and also i don't like the idea of all those chemicals and plastic on the baby's little bum! I also found some info on this website for any of you thinking of it http://www.babycentre.co.uk/baby/buyingforbaby/nappies/ecofriendly/
    Gem xx
  • We are aiming to try mostly reusable nappies - not so much for the environment as for the fact that we don't like the thought of chemicals on babys bum!! Its well worth getting in touch with your local council to see what kind of grant you can get. i have a ??45 grant, and am going to see one of those lollipop people to demonstrate different sorts of nappies. Think we'll use it on one of htose tots bots day packs cause i like them best.

    Its well worth talking to one of these lollipop people.. the one I'm gonna see was full of useful advice- she recommended 18 nappies as a starter so that you didn't need to wash every day and i think thats what we've got so far - I've been bargain hunting on ebay over the last 6 weeks or so and have probably spent somewhere between ??100 - ??150 on nappies and wraps - all at cheaper than shop prices.. and if you aren't fussy about new stuff like I am you can get 2nd hand or prewashed but not used nappies even cheaper on ebay.
  • how did you find out about the grant kia? my nearest is actually a bit of a distance away but she's willing to come see me ... don't see the point till we work out where were gonna live image
  • just having a look there at the onelife nappies recommended on the babycentre site link. They seem pretty good, if you look at the link below, the onelife nappy set seems to be good value i would think. one thing i was worried about was the expense of having to buy a whole new set once baby has grown a bit, but these ones are adjustable so would work out cheaper in the long run.
    has anyone tried them?
  • Yeah, i like the look of those too, they look quite comfy for the baby as well.
  • yeah, and the reviews from real mums seem really good too. no point spending a fortune on ones that are going to leak!
    so thanks for the babycentre link - i've been debating the nappy issue for ages, and that might have solved it for me!!
  • crochetmom - I just looked on my local council website and searched for 'nappies' and it had the info and a phone number there. They send you out a survey to fill in 3 months after you cash in the voucher but thats it.

    All the advice I've had has been against buying one of those birth to potty packs as if that particular type of nappy doesn't work for you its a huge expense - I've gone for a variety to try out - got some birth to potty ones and some size one - they all look so different that i'm hoping most of them will do from newborn for a good while - got a couple of onelife ones from ebay and they look like they'd be a bit bulky for a newborn but they look really nice and soft and comfy.
  • i finally bit the bullet and put in an order for the onelife nappy day set. Little one's due in 4 weeks, so thought i'd better get on with it!
    ??75, so not too expensive. will need to buy more than that, but want to see what they're like first.
    I'll let you all know how it goes.
    anyone else decided?
  • A friend of mine has used Bambino Mio and says they are great, so I thought I would give them a go. Like most people though will probably only manage part time, when at home etc.
    I was expecting to have to pay a fortune and was worried that if I don't get on very well it will be a waste of money, but I found a pack of 12 nappies with 3 covers at my local NCT sale for ??14. They had been washed but never used - bargain! I also came across some of the Tommy Tippee Cotton Bottoms wraps in my local pound shop so brought some of these too as they are almost the same as the bambino mio ones.
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