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daft ebay

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Hubby was selling his car on ebay, someone bid and won and now we've heard nothing since?
What do I do now?



  • Hi, This is SOOOO common with poxy Ebay!

    1. how long ago did the auction end?
    2. whats their feedback like?
    3. when checking their feedback look for items that they may have sold so you can see their location, are they near you?

    If its been 7 days since your car ended, then you can report them as a 'non paying bidder' it takes a while but you will get all your fees back. In the mean time you can relist the car and make sure you state on the auction 'contact me within 3 days of auction' or 'payment within 2 days' etc

    ps I know how you feel though! My auction I had going ended for a Hifi Systerm yesterday, for a good price and I am banking getting paid or else I cant tax my car tomorrow! so I'll be without transport for 6 months if they dont contact me!! The trouble is I said 'collection only' and his address is milton keynes!! I'm in Fareham! what really has chaffed me off that the buyer hasn't contacted me and will probably be a non paying bidder.......... is I turned the loft upside down yesterday afternoon, opened every box and case, in this flipping heat!!! to find the dam instruction manual for the buyer!! lol


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