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Babys stomach on wrong side - does anyone know what this is?

Hi - just wondering what happened with this baby - my friend has the same situation and is desperate for info - 21 weeks pregnant- just stomach on wrong side as far as they can see...any advice gratefully received.


  • Hi hun! If you press on the ladies other topics, there is a topic titled genetics, it tells you a bit about how her little girl is getting on! Hope your friend and her baby end up ok!

  • Saw this post bumped up and for a minute I thought Mel was pregnant again!!!! he he he.

    PATIP - Baby Ava (well 'toddler Ava' really) had her operation a few weeks ago, and is doing really well.

  • Thanks for your posts guys - it has definitely given my friend hope and a more positive outlook - would really like to put her in touch with Mel as it seems pretty rare..can you PM on this site? Haven't worked it out...
  • Hello!! Its me! Wow. this post is almost 2 yrs old!!!

    Ava is doing fabulously!! 2 ops down and shes a complicated little un but shes a lively, bouncy and crazy little 15mnth old image

    Avas condition is very rare - 1 in 250,000 - Left Isomerism with heterotaxy. Its a heart conditon that leads to other organ misplacment and other complcations but I really wouldn't hazard a guess as to if its the same as your freinds condtion or not. Its really best to wait for the docs diagnosis. Tell her not to google though, worst thing i did! i don't use this site much anymore but you cant contact me on [email protected] and we can chat further x

  • ha ha - that should have read CAN contact me!
  • Thank you so much for replying...I have passed on your details and left it to my friend to contact you say I have no idea if it is the same condition - they won't really know full details until the baby is born - however on a google search you were one of the only stories I could find that was similar - I am really glad to hear Ava is doing so well - my friend was quite panic stricken at first especially as the doctors seemed so clueless but she has got some second opinions and is feeling much more positive now....
    Best wishes to you and your family.
  • Great news. If it is the same condition your friend would be referred to a cardiologist for a diagnosis. If it does turn out to be that, pls ask her to contact me as I am a member of several good support groups etc that I can pass details on of x x
  • Hi there,

    I know this thread is really old. I was told on Friday my baby's stomach is on the right hand side (20 week scan). I have been devastated and don't know what to do. The sonographer had never seen it before and wouldn't comment. I see the specialist on Friday.

    Obviously as no one when I had the scan had a clue what was going on, so I have googled. I have cried for hours and I am so devastated and feeling horrendous for this poor unborn baby.

    Can anyone help me?? Xx
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