Maternity coat

Has anyone bought one actually from a shop and if so where? It is driving me nuts! I got a brouchure from Sainsburys talking about Sainsburys so I drove half an hour to the nearest big store and nothing they don't even sell maternity wear so I am quite cross. Bit reluctant to order on line because I don't want to pay delivery for something that might not be right. I am fed up with getting wet!


  • you could try next or new look but check with your nearest store that they do maternity clothes first
  • newlook had some in last year so assume they will this year too x
  • I bought one from New Look - it is a beige, trench type coat and was ??30 but I got it when they had a voucher offer on. It also looks like it will be easy to take in at the back seam after maternity and I will be able to wear it again
  • I havent got a maternity coat, but my DH bought me a coat last year from Tesco that only has 3 buttons on the top part and then flared from there so it fits over my bump easily. I think it will last me through the months until I am due. Only problem I find at the minute is that its a bit too thick for the actual warmth we have at the moment (although im very sure it wont last much longer the way its going!)
  • Socks you read my mind!!

    I walked the dog this morning in a mac that doesnt go over my bump LOL!!

    I dont really want to spend alot of money though unless I can wear it afterwards and also do they grow with you what with a growing bump I want one to fit me through the rest of my pg.

  • Depending on when you are due and whether you would need a proper winter coat, you could try this pac a mac from John Lewis. The sizes seem really big, so you could just get a size or two bigger than normal.

    I also saw this coat on the Jo Jo Maman Bebe site (they do free delivery), which is designed to be used after pregnancy as well:

  • Thanks girls! Just had a look at the new look one and actually quite like it, its not too expensive either so might have to get in the car and go see if I can find one to try. Was really hoping to get by without but the great british weather has other ideas!!
  • sorry for random not talking about coats just wanted to say hello socks i am delighted to see your expecting i remember you ttc when i was expecting my 1st who is now 2 & 5 months!!! when are you due? xx
  • Socks, Primark do coats which button up from under the bust upwards (if that makes sense) - I have a couple of styles like this from there which I got a while ago - they aren't maternity but would fit and they won't cost a fortune!
  • OMG misslauri86 that makes me feel like I have been here forever!!! I am pleased to finally be here it has been a REALLY long journey. Due 29/11. Hope you and your lo are well xx
  • I was hoping to avoid buying one but I have nothing that does up over my bump now and walking DD in the pushchair won't be pleasant in the next few weeks. I think a trip to Primark is in order for me too! I don't want to spend too much when I won't wear it for very long!


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  • so glad you posted this as i've been thinking about this today! i'm due a few days after you so have the same issue - don't want to spend a fortune on a coat when i'll only be wearing it until december but i'll definitely need one as i work in a school and spend at least 45 mins stood outside on playground duty each day!
    i'm planning on going to primark and just getting a loose fitting one in the size above, i suppose we can always have it undone just with a big jumper and scarf on in the later months if it won't do up anymore!
    thanks for the tips from other people though - i'm going to have a look in new look too - that hopefully won't be too expensive!
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