Feel a bit stunned, what next?

Have just found out I'm pregnant! Did a HPT last night as hubby and I couldn't wait until this morning and it was positive. We are both a bit stunned as we didn't expect it to happen so quickly, thought we'd be trying for months. Its sinking in now but we are feeling a bit lost, did anyone else feel like this?

I did another HPT this morning (still +ve!) and am wondering if I should do a digital one next week. We are living overseas and haven't registered with a Dr yet so thats the next step. Just all feels a bit surreal until we get confirmation. I'm taking pre natal vits anyway, just not sure what to expect (waiting for the sickness to start!!) or if I should be doing anything else. Think I should get a pregnancy book once we've seen the Dr.

Think I'm gonna get addicted to this site! xx


  • Thank you x
  • Hi Tubbs, I have done pretty much the same thing as you, and yes we too feel stunned as didnt think it would happen straight away!

    I am going docs next Friday to discuss it with him.

    I cant figure out when I am due on as normally on every 28 days but last month was 35 so if this month would be normal I would now be 5 days late explaining positive results (done several tests since Saturday) and if i was going to have another odd long one I wouldnt be on till Friday?

    Do you not have any symptoms yet? I cant stop weeing, cant stop burping and feel a little sicky! can you get symptons this early? making me wonder if it happend last month? although I had a period! Who knows!

    Good Luck with the doctors though x
  • Hey Tubbs. I fell pregnant without ttc, and I had the same feelings that you seem to be experiencing. Ultimately, I was happy I was pregnant but I couldn't get my head around it. It took weeks to finally feel pg, and I suppose it only became really real when I had my 12 week scan and I could see my little girl moving and kicking about. I think it's perfectly normal to go through a variety of different emotions in the first stages. You're not alone, I'm sure. I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. image

    G. x (23+6)
  • Hi Tubbs,

    Congratulations on your news!!

    I felt a bit like that. We decided a month after getting married this year (in May) that we would like to try for a family and we both thought it would take months so we were absolutely thrilled to bits when i conceived the first month of trying but like you, i was stunned. I did one test on the morning after my period was due and it was a faint pink dot, then did another on the Sunday mornnig and got the same result. Did another brand of test the following wednesday and got a strong dark blue line!! At the end of teh day, a positive is a positive result no matter how faint the result.

    After i found out, i went to teh doctors who didnt do much - she didnt test again as HPT are very reliable. She took my date of my last period and worked out how far gone as i was and gave a bit of advice on what to eat/not to eat and said we would hear from teh midwife shortly - which we did about a few weeks later.

    Good luck :\)
  • Thank you ladies,

    anged - thanks for that, wasn't sure if I needed a minimum number of tests being a bit thick (could just blame it on the fact I'm now pregnant!LOL!).

    jmp - my boobs have felt sore for over a week and I've had period type aches. I was tearful and grumpy last week, just put it down to pmt. I've had fluttery/butterfly sensations in my tummy and I felt a bit sick yesterday which worsened once I did the test! I've also been burping lots!

    I've had headaches since the weekend and also peeing lots but I started drinking more last week, got hooked on hot water with lemon after reading about it!

    I kept dropping things and felt a bit sketchy, again put it down to pmt.

    gemsie - thank you for your kind words, you must be getting very excited.

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  • Glad you mentioned the fluttery thing I have had that too, thought It must just be nerves or something but still having it so maybe another syptom?

    Just sank in no excesive drinking over Christmas and new year, and going to a fancy dress party for new year, will feel like a right twonk dressed as pokahontas whilst sober!
  • LOL! At least you'll remember the night! We have freinds coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks and were planning some nights out, looks like I'll be driving! The problem is we will have to tell them as they will know straight away if I don't drink. Having recently got married everyone will be expecting some baby news! We'll have to make them swear to secrecy as we want to tell close family when we go back to the uk for christmas. Is it ok to fly in the early stages? I don't like to think to far ahead incase something happens.
  • OMG your friends sound like mine they will know as soon as I havn't got a big glass of red in my hand that somethings up! I am asking my Doc the flying thing next Friday because we are meant to be going Skiing in January and although I know I cant ski I have read you cant fly for first 12 weeks also? Want to check with Doc.
  • I know you can't fly in the later stages. Will have to ask the Dr and have a search on here, hope so, looking forward to telling my mum when we get home (if I can wait that long!).
  • Thats clear as mud then!
  • Hi Tubbs

    Whereabouts are you - I'm based in Holland and over here all the pregnancy tests were in dutch and was never 100% sure even though there was a big blue line / cross depending on which of the 9 tests I did - yep you read correctly I did 9 tests just cos I couldn't believe it.

    I go back to UK for my treatment and I have been able to fly all the way through with my pregnancy I am currently 25+4 and my midwife told me not to fly after 33 weeks. I've had no problems at all while flying. I would fly every few weeks. Nothing long haul just an hour to 2 hours.

    I didn't believe I was pregnant until I had my first scan and even now sometimes in the morning even though Im getting a bump I still feel a bit "wow" I'm really pregnant.

    Allison xx image
  • Hi Alison

    Thanks for that I should be ok then. I'm in the states so it's an 8 hour flight! Will have to wear my flight socks and keep moving around. Just hope I don't get bad sickness.

    I'll have to have all my treatment here as we are planning to stay for 18 months, just not sure what to expect when i see the Dr though after seeing knocked up!! Then again she did go straight to a gynaecologist.

    Not sure how I'll feel being away from family and friends and I'll have to miss 2 big weddings next year as it'll be too late to fly. Part of me thinks that we should have waited til the new year to start trying but we didn't want to put it off and never would have predicted falling pregnant so quickly, thats why we were shocked. But we are really happy now that it has sunk in, fingers crossed everything will be ok.

    So will you have the baby in the UK?
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