moms get you sooooooooo mad !!!!!!!!!

hi ladies

don,t know if your moms are the same but i just found out im having a boy .
i already have a girl who is wonderful image.
Anyway when i told my mom her repsonce was "thats good news for you and dave but you know me i like girl babys not a boys wont know what to buy which" i answered oh right thats nice in shock i just wanted to get of the phone a have a good cry
i thought she would be pleased as there is no other boys to carry on are surname as we use my maiden nane instead of married name soooooooooooooooo p****s off with her


  • I know what u mean my mum has been quite insensitive at times. When I had to go for an early scan cos of bleeding I called her cos I was upset and all she said was, 'Well this is what happens if you get excited in the early stages'. Basically implying it was my fault for already loving my baby :x Also my grandma isn't happy I'm having a boy, went to see her the other day and she'd bought all these pink clothes! I think she wanted a girl. I'm one of 2 girls, my mum is an only child, and my grandma is one of 3 girls so I think she gutted I broke the chain, lol.
    Hope u feel better soon
    20+5 x x x
  • I lost my mum to cancer 3 years ago but I could just imagine her saying half the things your mums are! When I was pregnant with my first two she used to say some real crap. Think its a disease - our brains frazzle in pregnancy and I think they get a "talk crap" symptom when their daughters are pregnant. Try to laugh and think - what will we say/do when these kids we are carrying tell us they are having kids - will we catch the "talk crap" disease too!!!
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