machlaren techn???o twin buggy

hi anyone have a maclaren techno double buggy my oh really likes the look of them, im not sure on the wheels they look abit like the ones on cheap strollers that wear down really quickly. anyone know what theyre like???


  • Not got one of those but we have one of the cheaper Maclaren buggys (Triumph) as a holiday pushchair and it's been great. Maclaren have a really good reputation and I think the new ones have a lifetime warranty. We actually looked at getting one of these but I do a lot of walking off road and needed something with big wheels.
  • I have bought the marclaren techno, i hope the wheels aren't cheap and wear down easy, but obviously i wnt find out til i start using it in july. For the amount they cost id be abit pissed off if they wore down quickly. Kerry xxx
  • thats exactly what i thought kerry they are not cheap so i hope wheels are good but i had a stroller n the wheels looked similar n as my oh used to put his footy bag on left handle the left wheels rubbed down to nothing really quickly. bed head hi ive been lucky enough to be given a 2cnd hand off road double so i thought id treat myself to a small town buggy n hopefully this is the right buggy for me trouble is u never know till ur babys in there do you lol xx
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