2days late 4 bfps now bleeding???

hi all well got 4 bfps yesterday 2 days late for af then had bleed this morning not heavy but there. had same pad on since 6am and barely anything on it just there when i wee and wipe . has anyone had this as im worried my bfps were short lived. no clots or pain thou


  • Hi love,

    It's great you have not had any pain or clots what was the blood like?? Some times around when you get your BFP and AF is due you can get some bleeding. I have had two bleeds now one pink cm and last thursday red blood and my baby is doing good.

    K xx
  • Hi Bev, could just be implantation bleed, fingers crossed that's all it is xxx
  • its red but very watery and has no flow to it only seems to come when i wee and wipe thou it is red . af was due 2 days ago
  • Hi bev replied on your thread in TTC but hope your ok x
  • How Bev, this early on it sounds like implanttion bleed.

    I had a small bleed at the very begnning, before I even new I was pg, and that is what it was. Totally normal.

    Good luck.

    Niblett xxxx
  • please try and not worry,i had 2 bleeds in my last pregnancy one at 7wks and one at 13wks which i also passed clots but everything turned out ok

  • I too have had two bleeds. 1st at 4.5 weeks...they say it was implantation bleed. And second had slight spotting at 9.5 weeks...they didnt know the cause!

    I can appreciate any blood is a worry!! I do feel for you xxx


  • Hi Bev

    I found out I was preg last monday and 2 days later I also had a small bleed was exactly as you described. Went to a&e as had a little pain as well but everything was fine and no pain since, put mine down to implantation bleed. If you do get any pain is worth checking it out, but if you've had none since try not to worry about it (i know it easier said than done trust me)

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