Sex of baby

Hi Everyone,

I went for a 4d scan when i was 28weeks and found out i was having a girl, well i'm sure they said i was having a girl. The women had to whisper it to me as mil was with me (hubby was away with work) and didnt want to know, i'm now worried i heard girl and its really a boy. I've only got a few girl things like a pink blanket, skirt and top and troussers and top. Am i being silly for nothing. Oh i really hope i heard right i did repeat girl and ask if they were sure, i think i'm just getting nervous as everything is so close. Thanks xxx


  • Im sure you heard it right. I have been told at 3 scans that my baby is a girl but i keep dreaming that I have a boy!!!! I hope not cos everything we have is girly ha ha.

    Im sure its just nerves cos we are getting so close to seeing our babies now.
  • im sure you heard right babe, i found out at 24 weeks when i had my 4D scan done, but i then asked them to check again at my reasurance scan when i was 31 weeks just to make sure, lol x
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