Hello! Can I join you all? I've finally gotten round to registering rather than just reading all your chats! This is my first and am 10+6 (I think!) - first scan on the 27th, am sooooo excited!:\)


  • hey Hazenia - welcome hun!!
    im jemma - im 22 10 +4 with my first aswell. i have my scan on the 20th and am so excited like u !! hows your pregnancy been so far ?
  • hiya chuck and welcome and congratulations x i only just recently joined and the ppl here r welcoming and so helpful and their advice is brill xxx
  • I've had a bit of sickness and nausea, and the tiredness started to kicked in a couple of weeks ago, but apart from the usual aches and pains that I'm assured are normal its been fine! Still can't quite believe I'm pregnant - its very surreal! Hopefully it'll feel more real after the scan. How about you?
  • Hi katie lou! I've been reading the posts on here for a while now and everyone seems so lovely (and so normal!!). Don't know what I would have done without all the reassuring hints and tips that people post!
  • im the same hun - it still hasnt sunk in - thats why i cant wait for my scan. so far my pregnancy has been great no sickness - just tired all the time but over the last week ive felt great, keep having mad bursts of energy. i cant wiat for my scan to find out what my exact due date will be =] ... have you found your taste for food has changed ?
  • welcome hazenia lovely name. i'm 12+5 image
  • Well I'll be looking forward to the energy if I get it (and so will oh, lol! So far have used being pregnant as an excuse to be monumentally lazy!). I haven't found any foods taste different, but I have found that I can only really eat dry toast without feeling sick afterwards, and the baby has absolutely put the kibosh on chocolate (weep!)...
  • Hello CrochetMum! Is this your first? Really sorry to read about your landlady btw - some people have no Christmas spirit at all!
  • hi hazenia
    just wanted to say hi and congratulations!!
    i'm 11+5 had my first scan today and it feels loads more real now
    Good luck with your pregnancy
  • Hiya hazenia and welcome! Congratulations on the pregnancy and hope all is well!! xx

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