2009 Concord Travel System - Check first!

If you're shopping around for a buggy / travel system at the mo and like the look of the 2009 Concord Neo just check first before ordering. We have had no end of trouble getting hold of our Concord travel system which we ordered in December. The supplier (Bambino Direct) are blaming this on Concord basically being really rubbish at getting the goods into the country. After daily phonecalls for the last few weeks we finally received our buggy today... but not the matching car seat or carry cot so for our newborn baby it is effectively useless...

So if any of you do want to buy the 2009 Concord Neo I suggest you wait til the UK sellers have them in stock because our experience of the time it takes for them to arrive from Concord in Germany into the UK has been dreadful.

A very unhappy Handbag :\(
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