Fake Tan

Me Again!
Does anyone know if it is safe to use fake tan products? got a party coming up and would like to put a bit on to make myself feel better!


  • I've used it occasionally - have never heard of any health issues associated with it (apart from being Tango'ed!)

  • I wondered this actually, because its being absorbed into your skin? but I think its fine. It'd say on the bottle I would have thought.
  • I hope so, I was spraying happily last night for a night out tomorrow. Mind you I hardly look like Jodie Marsh this morning so I can't have put on enough to do any harm. It did smell awful though but I'm sure it's fine. S x
  • I don't think they are absorbed into the skin any more than a regular moisturiser, so long as you don't get it in your eyes or mouth, you'll be fine. Makes you feel so much better to cover up the white skin and blue vein look eh!!

    I think Bodyshop sells (or used to sell) a "natural" fake tan based on walnut extract, although I don't think it won any awards for streak-free appearanceimage
  • Thank you, will be applying this tmw then for my party - thats if my sickness stops long enough for me even to want to venture out!

  • Hi hon

    I'm a beauty therapist and there are no contra-indications about using fake tan during pregnancy. Stay off the sun beds obviously but spray or applied tans are fine.

    I used to do my own all the time but can't reach beyond my arms and belly at mo, so a bit pointless!!

    Stay away from the Body shop one - nightmare!

    Best way to get a tan is to exfoliate the night before application and moisturise really well, then on the morning of application, shower with gel and do not moisturise other than elbows, ankles, knees and get the tan on. Leave it on for at least 12 hours (overnight preferably) and shower off in the morning!

    Good luck!

  • hi helen, for a quick diy job use rimmel sunshimmer. its a wash off tan that you can see where and how much your applying. i mix it with a little bit of moisturiser on hands and feet but its never left me tangoed or patchy (unless it rains!) ive used it for 5 years now and always have some ready for a night out. also if your really fair, just mix a blob in with your bosy moisturiser for a nice hint of bronze. it comes in light (one ive always got) or medium and shimmer or matt
  • Thanks Guys, I also trained as a Beauty therapist but its always useful to read what other people do or have done.
    Thanks again,
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