scan on monday cnt w8!!

Hi all just thought i'd put a post up as i'm lookin 4ward to my scan on monday!!I have them quite frequently but still get excited at each one!is that sad??!!baby grows so much at each 1 n i'm lookin 4ward 2 c how much baby weighs too!baby was breech when i had scan at 24 wks but was head down when i saw mw at 28 wks so will be interesting 2 c if shes still head dwn!Soz if i'm boring u all but i'm bored!oh has gone out n i'm just bout watch echo beach!lol Hanna nearrly 30 wke preg with girl bump! xxx


  • wish i had loads of scans, iv had 3 this time so far and looked forward to each one, it is lovley when you gewt to see your baby on the screen and you can see how they are developing and growing, its also very reassuring each time.

    good luck at your scan on monday for your scan hun

  • thanx nikki,is that ur 3d scan pic?its fab when did u have that done?
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