Can anyone recommend...

A good travel system??? Also - how do i check it fits in my car?? What do i measure?? lol! so female!!!!


  • I went to mothercare and they will take the car seats out to your car and try to fit them for you - we even took both of our cars! Also let you try the frame in the boot - found them really helpful. Once we made the decision (which is a silver cross 3d as well!) we scoured the internet to find the best price!

    Katie lou - are you happy with your silver cross - am worried the pram bit won't last long!

  • Hi
    We're also just trying to decide which one to get and our next step is to get the car seats sorted. So far I like the Silvercross, Mamas & Papas Pilko and my friend recommended a Chicco one!!
    There's so much choice, is quite confusing!!
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