Rasberry leaf tea? What and when?

I've heard u can drink rasberry leaf tea from around 32 weeks but what does it actually do?! (sorry if I sound dim!)
I thought it was for bringing on labour but surly you don't want to do this at 32 weeks?
Can anyone enlighten me?!

Suzie 30+6


  • I started with the raspberry leaf tablets at about 36 weeks I think. I got them from Holland and Barrett. xxx
  • It's not really for bringing labour on earlier, just for (hopefully) a shorter and easier birth. With my dd I took it from about 35 weeks, but I don't think it helped. I'm going to take it again anyway, just to try. I was reading up about it yesterday actually - I take the tea, so it would be one cup a day from about 32 weeks, then gradually increase to no more than 4 cups a day by 40 weeks. I think one cup of tea = 1 capsule, but not sure. I get from Holland & Barrett too.

    RickiD 32+6
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  • I started at 34 weeks and took the tablets one a day i think, i had a 10lb 1oz baby and didnt tear it is also meant to make you more flexible, not sure if it was that that helped me but i will def be trying again it again.lol
  • Ah ok- I might have a look into the tablets and start taking them in a few weeks- thanks ladies x x
  • It's supposed to tone your uterus and so help make pushing easier. I started at about 32 weeks last time (1-2 cups a day) and will do the same this time.

    Don't know if the RL is part of the reason why, but I found pushing to be the easiest part of labour (though don't get me wrong, not a walk in the park! :lol: ) - and it didn't last long, either.
  • Im going to start using the capsules at about 32 weeks.

    I drank the tea with my little princess; but tbh it made me feel sick..iocant even think about it now without feeling queasy! YACK x
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