What to wear in labour???

Hi Ladies
I vaguely remember reading something about this before, but what do you wear when in labour?
I'm having an argument with my mum about whether I need to buy a nightie for labour - My mum doesn't think I need to buy anything but don't know what I need really. I've brought some pj's for after.
Please can someone resolve our argument!!!


  • I've got a cheap nightie (in the sale from Mothercare and at least one size too big!) which I intend to wear for the labour and then burn!!!

    C x
  • When I was in labour i bought a nightie out of primark to waer, nothing speical as it might end up in a bit of a mess.

    Afterwards I had PJ's but if you have a cathater in it might be difficult to wear PJ's so I would pack abother nightie just in case.

  • hi i got a button front nightie from peacocks for ??2 to wear during labour so baby can be put straight on my chest. i'm not sure if hospitals provide hospital gowns anymore (u know the ones that are completely open at the back) it differs from place to place, best to check with ur labour ward or mw. also pjs may not be a good idea as if u end up having a c section they'll be quite uncomfortable over ur scar.



  • I have a ??3 nightie to wear but if I end up having the water birth I want Im going to wear a black vest top as dont want to be completely starkers!! silly considering, I know!
  • Thanks ladies
    I was planning on buying a cheap nightie until my mum thought I'd gone mad. I'm now going to buy one now, plus one for after birth just in case.
    Thanks for sorting out our argument!!!
  • i just wore the hospital gown with 1st dd and 2nd didnt get chance to change as went from 5cm to holding baby in my arms in 20mins at the most!so i had a black maternity tshirt on that got covered in blood (nice!)when mw handed grace to me!washed up fine tho lol xx
  • i'm just going to get a nighty for labour and then pjs for afterwards. i've worn pj's whilst having a catheter in before and its really easy to do and more comfortable to be honest and pj's are ok even with a scar, after my 2 major surgeries i wore pj's and was fine! (scar same as c-section) but everyone is different so its whatever you feel most comfortable wearing really image


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  • I wore an old nightie but if you want skin to skin or to breastfeed straight away i would recommend a nightie that opens at the front. They have them in primark that open quite far down for ??3. I had to have a drip to make my contractions stronger and an epidural. I had 3 drips going in to my hand. Because of this i struggled to get my nightie up for skin to skin.
  • I wore NOTHING!! image i bought 2 cheap nighties from asda and i started off wearing one but then decided it would be so much better to share my nakedness with everyone haha
    But you may not want to be naked so id recommend buying a couple of cheap nighties, i wore mine up untill the pain got bad and i had some drugs, but then after a while i didnt care so just stripped! hope this helps :lol: xxx
  • I Have 2 Nighties. Which i Plan To Wear.

    I Think You Should Wear Whats Comfi For You. Whether it Be A Nighty, Old T-shirt Or Nothing...


  • I'm planning on wearing an old t-shirt for labour - although will need to have a think about hoisting it up/off for skin-skin. Also have a tankini to wear in the pool. It's a bit ridiculous, but I'm so ashamed of my size, I don't want to be seen naked. Mind you, the worst bits are my legs and I don't know how to cover them up whilst giving birth!!

    thigh high black patent boots?? image

    That Made Me Giggle :P

  • This is a really good thread because I have to admit it hadn't even crossed my mind yet what I will wear in labour!

    I'm hoping for a water birth and would like to retain some dignity so will hopefully wear a vest in the pool. As this is my first baby I may be slightly naive and I expect I really won't actually care who sees what when the time comes :lol: x
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