abortion programme last night!

dont know if its pregnancy hormones but it made me so sad i was in tears.. i know theres prob people on here who may have had an abortion in the past, so ill watch what i say. personally i could never do it, especially since after having children.

probably shouldnt have watched the programme as it showed you what they do, but i was intriged.

this is my second baby, am now married but with my first i was on my own (well in a bad relationship that felt like i was on my own) and the dad wanted me to have an abortion, i knew i couldnt do that, and my heart kept telling me to keep the baby, which i obviously did. that programme brought back a lot of bad memories for me, thinking i may have done that just cause he wanted me to.

i just thought it was so sad the couple who had children already were having an abortion, and the girl who commented on how she was "middle class" really annoyed me, she was so stuck up and came across as really heartless!

just wondered if anyone saw it too, and if pregnancy has changed your overall opinion of abortion ? (cause it has defintely changed mine!)




  • Hi Laura,
    I didn't watch that programme but it sounds really interesting and i wish i had watched it now. I to get really intrigued by things like that, then get upset and angry wen actually watching them.

    I personally have never been in the position where i have had to consider an abortion and i suppose each circumstance is different, i just dnt agree with these women who use abortion as a form of contraception. The way i see it is if u really dnt want a baby u will do everything u can to make sure u dnt get pregnant. However i do realise that it can't be helped in some circumstances and accidents do happen. In all i dnt have any strong feelings either way, its the choice of the individual but some people who end up having 3 and 4 abortions clearly have no heart or feelings. Kerry xxx

  • Hi didn't see the programme but personally I know that abortion is not for me unless it was for serious health reasons. However I do think that the limit should be brought down to alot less than 24 weeks, as we all know at the 12 scan you can clearly see that its a baby and by 24 weeks we can all feel our babies moving about, plus it was actually reported in the paper yesterday that a baby that was born at 23 weeks has survived! Agree with you Kerry that abortion shouldn't be used as a form of contraception! Tammi xxx
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  • I didn't watch it and certainly wouldn't be able to as I had a termination a few years ago for reasons I don't want to go into - I'm hugely ashamed and would never want to know what they did to me to terminate the pregnancy. A girl I used to work with used abortions as a form of contraception she had three in the year I worked with her and used to make awful comments like "oh well if I am pregnant I will just get rid of it like I did the others!" she also classed herself as too good to be a single mum but was quite happy to have unprotected sex whenever.
  • I wanted to watch it because I'm interested in real life programmes, but oh wouldn't let me - he said it's too depressing and put Friends on!!

    I could never go through with a termination. I would always think back and wonder if it was the right thing to do. It would scar me for life. I know people who have psychological problems because of having one always suffering constant nightmares of dead babies etc.

    If you don't want to have kids just be super super careful not to get pregnant. Like take the pill and use condoms and if condom splits take moring after pill.

    I've heard that if you've had more than one abortion where the baby needs to be scraped/sucked out (sorry tmi) then it mucks up your insides and when you do decide the times right to have a baby it's really really hard to conceive. Don't know if it's true - just what I heard!


  • What channel was this on? Didn't watch it as I don't have a TV but often catch up with stuff if it's on the internet, might take a look. I'd agree with what others said that pregnancy has kind of changed my views, especially about later abortions as the idea of a termination once you can feel the baby move is just too upsetting. BUT having said that, I think there are some times when a later abortion might be acceptable, if the limit was moved to 20 weeks but you still got your anomaly scan at 20 weeks that could be a problem...
    On the whole I still think it's ok in some circumstances but definitely shouldn't be used as an alternative form of contraception!!

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  • I have not watched it but now i am pregnant i dont think i could ever have an abortion but i would not have ruled one out if i had got pregnant much younger. I think each to their own really if you feel its for you then do it if it is not then dont. i do think sometimes people take abortion lightly and i dont think that the media helps. For example on hollyoaks they go for abortions as if its a normal everyday event with no repercussions.

    I dont agree that the limit should be reduced but terminations as late as 24 weeks should only take place for medial reason eg if the fetus is severly disabled, as that is something you may only find out at 20 week scan.

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  • I didn't watch it as I knew it would upset me too much. Personally I don't think I could ever have an abortion, although obviously if it was for medical reasons I may have to reconsider. I do think that it should be a personal choice, although like most people I think that 24 weeks is far, far too late unless there are serious medical issues.
  • I agree that 24 weeks is waaaay too late. My dd was born at 23 weeks and survived for 16 years until she died from an unrelated disease so I know what babies look like at this gestation and cannot even imagine the unthinkable.

    I think termination should be available but if someone is using it as contraception (i.e. more than once) then they should be made to attend classes on how to effectively use contraception.

    I know that is a harsh statement, but I cannot agree with getting rid of babies at this gestation when the majority of tests for serious medical conditions are carried out earlier.

    Off my soap box now!

  • Hi,

    I didnt watch it either. I too had a termination 4 years ago, i was still suffering with severe pnd after my daughters birth and i was on the pill, but the medication i was on stopped it from working.

    It is the biggest regret of my life, and when i became pregnant this time i felt sure i would loose the baby as some kind of punishment.

    I think abortion is acceptable if done for health reasons, but also find it unbelievable that some women use it as a form of contraseption.

    kerry xxx
  • i watched it too.. and i completely agree, that blonde girl just acted like she was too good to be pregnant.. but half the time it seemed like an act.. after she mentioned going into church and feeling regret then she said no i dont actually... theres one thing having an abortion for health reasons ets,.. im not one to judge but its another to kind of boast about it and act like we are in control of life and death.. life is the most precious thing in this world and only those who have lost it truly know why.. we take alot of things for granted i think.. sorry.. getting too deep.. but yes, it was a very sad program x
  • I watched the prog and having had a termination when I was just 15 it did bring back alot of very sad memories. I didn't have a choice at the time my parents told me that was what was going to happen and so it did. I didn't have any problems when I came to conceive my daughter as I conceived the first month of trying.
    I felt very sorry for the woman that was widowed at the age of 24 left with 2 children she was such an emotional wreck that I could understand her reasons for having a termination. The girl who was separated from her boyfriend and already had 2 children who had the termination whilst the cameras were rolling really wasn't as strong as she initially made herself out to be. For alot of reasons women have terminations and feel years of guilt and sadness over what they have done and most of them shouldn't be judged to harshly.
    I do however find it completely unacceptable to use abortion as a form of contraception.

    Gem xx
  • I didnt watch it myself, didnt know it was on, else i would have definitely watched it.

    Being pregnant has not changed my view on abortion, more compounded it. I do know that if i had fallen pregnant while i was younger i would have seriosly considered it. not, i wouldn't. i have decided not tohave 16 week AFP blood tests as I dont believe that I would be able to terminate, or even take tests as far as amnio. I know some people may think that is selfish or even foolish.

    Having worked in a fertility clinic for 4 years and also having several friends with 'fertility issues'(one of whom had embro transfer today, fingers crossed), I truly believe that every pregnancy may be your only chance to have a child and I have seen many tragic things during my work there and in obstetrics.

    i also have several friends who have made the decision to terminate. for one it was the bestcoice for her at the tme, and although she still thinks about it now, she knows she made the right choice. another had one 15 years ago and it ha completely destroyed her. she is now without children and sees that as her punishment. she too was 'forced into it by parents. I understand that parents only want the best for their own but to do that and to say all the hurtful things they still say now - 15 years on - is heartbreaking.

    I would never judge anybody for abortion no matter te circumstances, but to use it as contaceptive for social reasons i personally believe is barbaric.
  • Can anyone tell me what channel this was on?

    Cheers Co x
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