Popping noises!!!

Hello was having major Braxton Hicks last nite and today but now seem to have settled but i keep hearing 'Popping' noises down below and the baby is really pressing down on me and my bits (sorry TMI).

I was just talking to my sis in law and she is saying that she thinks i'm gonna go into labour very soon

My baby is bigger than average and i am 31 weeks

What do you think can someone give me advice please?



  • is that with this pregnancy or a past one and did you go into labour i'm having some signs but not the major ones

  • I got clicky popping noises too from about 30 weeks! Apperently it is a pregnancy mystery as noone knows what it actually is (I personally thought it was baby's joints clicking lol). I didn't go into labour until 40+3 so don't worry too much.
    If you are still worried then just get checked out. if you are showing signs of early labour then they can stop it!
    My cousin went into labour at 32 weeks and got it stopped... then baby was eventually born 12 days late!!!
    Good luck xxx
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