fao oldermum69

hey is it under your bump to its sounds like what im getting

hope you are ok


  • It is under my bump the worst of it but seems to spread up around my hips to my lower back! The bump doesnt hurt its just around it!
    Hope you feel ok, Love Lee xxxx
  • Hiya babe (again)!
    Just read on another posting that you were experiencing very similar to me and that it seemed you were concerned you are miscarrying! I will try to reassure you - but as pointed out all pregnancies are different!
    The midwife seemed to think it might be SPD but the doctor was unsure as I am only 18 wks and he thinks its to early for SPD to set in. He did seem to think it was ligaments and I was given codeine for the pain - it did ease it a bit for a few hours but another doctor has told me to go back if it gets worse as rather than mask it with pain killers they want to treat it! The reassurance is knowing that baby is ok and that these pains were not affecting baby in any way. I am not sure how far into your pregnancy you are but I would suggest (for peace of mind) speaking to your midwife or ringing your delivery suite (as I did). The pain is now back and I cannot have another codeine tablet til 10 but am seeing my midwife tomorrow morning and am going to see what she says about it.
    Hope you feel better babe, Love Lee xxxxx
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