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just had my 32 week app and mw doesnt wnat to see me until 36 weeks, which is 4 weeks away. that will be at home for the birth plan. then she wants to see me at 38 weeks. 4 weeks between apps at this point seems a long time. i thought now would be every 2 weeks until 36 then every week after that.


  • I think it varies where you live cause I saw my midwife every 4 weeks then from about 36 weeks it was fortnightly, I have just been today (38 weks) and now wont see her again until I am 40 +4!! thats if nothing happens before!
    I think they will see you before if you are concerned at all.

  • that quite weird i seeen my midwife every 2 weeks since i was 32 weeks
  • I saw mine every 4 wks to 30 wks and then fortnightly to 36 wks and now weekly
  • I see mine every 4 weeks from now on but know that I can get an appointment sooner if I want/need one
  • Think i am every 6 weeks until 32 weeks then its every 4 weeks, think all areas differ.

    Sharon x

  • i think it depends on various things. my surgery only has 1 midwife who works at the surgery once every fortnight on a fri just for the morn. so if i dont see her then i have to wait another 2weeks. but i have only seen her every 4 weeks. i am now 38+4 and will be seeing her fri. but then i wont be able to see her again for 2weeks so that'll be 41+1. which is a bit annoying if i do go over. but i will discuss my options on fri.
    i would try not to be too concerned. if you need an appointment sooner i am sure she would be happy to see you. also if you have had a really straightforward pregnancy she may not feel the need to see you. i expect she will start seeing you more frequently after your next app.

    kate 38+4
  • im seeing my midwife on wed when i will be 36+5 weeks gone and i havent seen her in 4 weeks. it seems to be normal now a days althogh when i had my daughter 3.5 years ago i saw the midwife more often.
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