Sneezing's not what it used to be...

oh dear, even though I have been doing (what I think) is pelvic floor exercises (exercising something not sure if it's right muscles) I had a little surprise last night and this morning when I sneezed :lol: I've had to go out and buy some Tena Lady imageops: Oh dear! Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem - it's supposed to be quite common in pregnancy I think. I'm 16+3 x

imageops: ooo, so embarrassed now after posting this x :lol:


  • Yes your bladder can become quite weak in pregnancy. It usually clears up a few weeks after the baby's born especially it you keep up your pelvic floor exercises. It could be due to all the weight pressed onto your bladder from your uterus.

    \Don't worry - nothing to be embarressed about! Check with midwife to make sure, but I'm sure it's fine! Karys xx

  • Hi your not alone, i have had this little problem from about 14 weeks, its ok if you prepare yourself for the sneeze but if it takes you unawares then your done for lol
    vikki xx
  • This strangely something that iv not suffered with this time round but i did wen i was expecting my first son tho. Maybe my body knows how to handle it second time round, mind u i shudnt speak to soon iv got a little over eight weeks left yet. Kerry xxx
  • OMG this happened to me!!! Im 16 weeks too and was quite shocked. I have been trying to do pelvic floor excercises but im never sure if im doing them right.
  • Pelvic floor exercises - they are the muscles you would "pull in" if you were trying to hold your wee lol. Or during sex if you wanted to feel a bit tighter. If those are the muscles you're using then it's right! (Dont try it while you're going for a wee though as it's meant to cause an infection.) xxx

  • Hi I'm the same..every time I sneeze, cough or laugh particularly hard I wee a teeny bit! Its really embaressing not to mention uncomfortable. I've brought some bodyform panty liners and they save my dignity nicely! I've had it since about 15 weeks and I'm now 23+3 but it hasnt got worse as the pregnancy progressed.
  • Think this happend to most of us at some point! Thank god for panty liners is all I can say!
    Tammi xxx

  • Hi chick i was the same and lo is now 10 wks and im back to normal now so dnt worry its just the joy of being pregnant. all worth it in the end
    tori & jack Xxx
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