Normal to worry?

Hi all

I found out last week that im pregnant, 5 weeks gone and keep worrying bout it all. I did 2 hometests and they were both postitive and doc confirmed it, but until i see scan i cant settle. Is it normal to worry about every niggling pain and stuff? I think its because ive told everyone so early on, im worried now ive jinxed myself lol. This is my 1st pregnancy x


  • absolutely normal.... we found out at 5 weeks too, told family and close friends quite quickly and then had to wait til 12 week scan to see little bambino

    Its def normal to feel anxious and worried, as im sure all the girls on here will agree. the next few weeks will probably go so slowly for you, they did for me, but now 16 weeks and keep thinking, shit I have to give birth!!!

    Just enjoy it and try not to worry. keep in touch with us all, let us know how you are getting along

    Lisa x
  • Yeah its defo normal to worry about everything especially in the early stages however try not to coz extra stress and worry isnt gud for u or baby. Congrats on ur pregnancy now try to relax and enjoy it coz it'll soon be over these next eight months will fly by. Kerry xxx

  • Hi hun its completley natural to worry at this early stage when symptoms are either very light or you have none at all. I did sooo many tests when I found out and didnt really believe I was pregnant until my first scan at 10 weeks!
  • Thanks Girls!
    I appreciate all your comments. I just hear so many bad things, like miscarriage etc and it scares me, think cos we were only trying for 4 weeks and it happened straight away it seems too good to be true! lol

    I feel ive tempted fate by making it common knowledge and i also cudnt resist buying a wee baby grow and 1 bib! lol. Ive becone obsessed with this site, books, magazines etc lol. Its my wedding in 4 weeks and ive kinda forgotten bout the wedding now im pregnant lol, need to get my weddinh head back on like!
    Had a fitting yesterday and luckily beocs my dress laces up the back, i wont need anymore alterations, doubt ill get much bigger in 4 1/2 weeks?? lol

    Thanks again xx
  • I was 6 weeks pregnant on my wedding day and fell pregnant after only 4 weeks of trying too! In a way I was quite pleased I was pregnant because it gave me something else to focus on in the build up to the wedding so I didnt get too stressed!
    You wont get much bigger at all in the next 4 weeks hun, plus as its a lace up theres a bit of give in it.
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